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The 2019 Westarctica Art Expo, is an ongoing showcase of art from Westarctican citizens. It opened on 28 October 2019 is the second iteration of the art expo.

Entry Period and Rules

The entry period was open from 9 to 30 September 2019. This iteration of the event has three categories:

  • The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration (1897-1922). This subject includes the people, places and things central to the heyday of the continent's exploration. This is a visual category, open to any traditional visual representation of art, including sketching, painting, sculpture, tapestry, etc.
  • Wildlife of Antarctica (Land, Air, and Sea). The subject includes the fauna of the continent and its surrounding waters. This is a visual category, open to any traditional visual representation of art, including sketching, painting, sculpture, tapestry, etc.
  • Short Poetry (140 Words or Fewer). The subject includes short poetry that discusses the people, places, or concept of Westarctica. This is a written category, open to poetry (sonnet, verse, haiku) and poetic prose. The word count limit will be strictly enforced.. Artists are encouraged to utilize any visual, non-written or performance art medium. They are only advised that their pieces would be judged based on how relevant they were to the subject of Westarctica, in general.

As the event is an expo, and not an actual contest, there will be no true judging or winners. However, it was decided that up to three pieces will be able to receive special recognition as "Selections."

Selections for Special Recognition

There were eleven submissions covering a wide array of mediums, including traditional paintings, photography, and writing. Three pieces will receive special recognition for excellence. The creators of these three pieces will be named Honored Artists, assuming they have not been already.

Crown Selection

The recipient of the Expo's Crown Selection, given at the sole discretion of Grand Duke Travis, was Westarctica (of Blue and White) by Wyatt Hill. This piece was from the Short Poetry category.

Westarctica (of Blue and White)
By Wyatt Hill

Westarctica, oh how I long to see your icy shores
The frozen landscape horizon as far as eyes can see
Pristine land that is untouched by man’s never-ending war
Remote cries of seal and skua your sacred symphony

Westarctica, someday you’ll be a beacon to the world
A land of hope for those who yearn to stand for something more
Your people moved upon the sight of blue and white unfurled
A vision of ideals and goals that are worth fighting for

Westarctica, the day comes soon I hope, when we can meet
Endeavoring together to explore life’s mysteries
To walk basked in the midnight sun and make this dream complete
Westarctica, you stir inside who I was born to be

Council Selection

Weddell Seal pup by Christine Wood

The recipient of the Expo's Council Selection, voted on by members of the Royal Council was Weddell Seal Pup by Christine Wood. This piece was from the Wildlife category.

Citizen's Choice

Following the announcement of the Crown and Council Selections, the remaining entries were presented to the citizens of Westarctica with instructions to vote for the entry they liked the best. After two weeks, the voting period was closed and the winner was The Smallest of Us acrylic on canvas by August Grappin.

Expo Submissions

The following is a list of all entries for the 2019 Westarctica Art Expo.

Artist Title Category Medium Notes
Hillary Block Emperor of Land Wildlife marker on vellum
August Grappin The Smallest of Us Wildlife acrylic on canvas Citizen's Choice
White Short Poetry poetic prose
Sherri Groff Woman in Peerless Dress with Vignette Heroic Age photograph
Wyatt Hill Westarctica (of Blue and White) Short Poetry poem Crown Selection
Jon-Lawrence Langer Extinguishing the Heroic Age Short Poetry sonnet
Mae Marie Richardson Coastline Wildlife graphite and pencil on paper
Snow Tomb of Robert Falcon Scott Heroic Age graphite and charcoal on paper
Trevor Stratton Sonnet to a People Short Poetry sonnet
Christine Wood Weddell Seal Pup Wildlife pencil and marker on paper Council Selection
Westarctica (A Tanku) Short Poetry tanku

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