Captain-General of Calsahara

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Captain-General Ciani receiving his commission

The Captain-General of Calsahara is the military governor of the Colony of Calsahara. The position answers directly to the Grand Duke of Westarctica and has overall responsibility for the administration and management of the Colony.

Creation of office

On 29 October 2017, Grand Duke Travis led the Westarctican Royal Guards across the border of the Seven Seas of Rhye and liberated Calsahara from the negligent rule of its absentee government led by King Nicholas and Grand Chancellor Arledge.

After King Nicholas was unseated from his throne, he was elevated to the position of Viceroy of Calsahara, the representative of the Crown of Westarctica in Calsahara. To help maintain good order and balance out the power of the Viceroy, the Grand Duke also appointed a military governor with the rank of Captain-General.

A major part of the Captain-General's duties include signing and stamping all grants of Manorial Rights in the Colonial Estates.

List of Captains-General

Thus far, two individuals have served in the post of Captain-General of Calsahara.

Captain-General Ciani

The first to hold the position of Captain-General of Calsahara was Corporal Ciani, a member of the Westarctican Royal Guards who participated in the liberation of Calsahara and was responsible for capturing the flag of Calsahara from Montague Square in Otisburg.

After serving in the position for one year, Ciani was honorably retired and returned to his regular rank as a Corporal.

Captain-General Schroeder

The incumbent Captain-General of Calsahara is the Baron of Bastanchury, who assumed the post on 15 November 2018.