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The Constitutional Convention is a group of seven citizens of Westarctica directed by Grand Duke Travis to draft a Constitution of Westarctica that will serve as the new supreme law of the land and provide guidance for the Government of Westarctica.


The members of the Convention were selected by the Grand Duke on the advice of the Prime Minister. The final selection was made on 9 April 2019 and was announced during a meeting of the Royal Council on 13 April 2019.


In creating the Convention, the Grand Duke expressed a desire to draw from as wide a range as possible of Westarcticans. Reflecting this philosophy, His Royal Highness selected a member of the Old Guard, two members of the Royal Council, two members of the Peerage of Westarctica, a Knight of the Snowflake, and two common citizens.

These seven, at the time of the convention, were:


Before the main portion of the convention kicked off, the Grand Duke and Prime Minister worked to create a first draft to be utilized in convention debates on a myriad of topics, from defining Westarctica to government structure to human rights. This draft went through roughly a dozen iterations before the two were prepared to move forward.

The core of the convention was hosted in a private online forum. Each topic, called an "article" was introduced for discussion individually, with up to four articles open at any time. Each topic was open until a week had passed or everyone had given their opinion on the matter, whichever occurred first. During this window, all seven members were free to ask questions, raise concerns, and suggest changes. After any changes were made and discussion either completed or stalled, a vote was held of the members (minus the Grand Duke). Four of the six votes were needed for a majority. Once a measure passed the vote, the Grand Duke approved or rejected the measure as it stood. In total, 83 articles were approved for inclusion in the initial constitution. The final article was approved by the convention on 28 August 2019. Altogether, more than 1700 posts and comments occurred across more than 70 different threads.

The convention was formally concluded on 30 August 2019. The citizens of Westarctica will vote to ratify the constitution during a voting weekend to be held the first weekend of February 2020. Upon successful ratification, the Grand Duke and Prime Minister will sign the constitution into law.

Aftermath of the Convention

For their efforts, Grand Duke Travis bestowed the following recognition: