Count of Discovery Ridge

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His Lordship
The Count of Discovery Ridge
Baronet of Alenroux

Minister of Transportation
In Office 14 March 2021 - Present
Predecessor Office Created
Count of Discovery Ridge
Title Held 23 July 2021 - Present
Predecessor Title Established

His Lordship, Michael Stolarczyk, the Count of Discovery Ridge has been an active citizen of Westarctica since December 2020.

Early career in Westarctica

The count first joined Westarctica as a common citizen, before being granted the peerage title Baronet of Alenroux in recognition of his support of the nation. He first proposed the creation of a government office devoted to transportation and logistics in an email to Grand Duke Travis on 16 December 2020. At the time, the proposal was taken into consideration, but no action was taken on creating the ministry.

Minister of Transportation

On 14 March 2021, the Ministry of Transportation was finally created with the mission of "ensuring long-term transportation and logistics sustainability, and creating positive environmental developments." Michael was immediately appointed to the post of Minister of Transportation and given broad authority over his office.

His first task was to reach out to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to discuss a partnership with their existing field operations in Antarctica. Specifically, he proposed that Westarctica sponsor one of the university's automatic weather stations located on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Michael's efforts led to the Grand Duke personally speaking with representatives from the university's Antarctic program, although they were unable to reach an agreement on how best to proceed with a joint project.

As a result of his service as Minister of Transportation, Michael was granted the title Count of Discovery Ridge, so-named for Discovery Ridge in the Ohio Range. The count continues to hold the Baronetcy of Alenroux as a subordinate title.