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Lord Garth, Master of the Universe

The Masters of the Universe was the lowest-ranking of the Orders of Calsahara. It was created in December 2010 to recognize and celebrate outstanding megalomania and delusions of grandeur, especially among leaders of micronations. After Clasahara became a colony of Westarctica the order was declared to be in disuse.

Creation of the order

The Masters of the Universe is based heavily upon the fictional character Garth of Izar in the original series of the television show Star Trek. In the episode "Whom Gods Destroy," (originally aired 3 January 1969) Garth of Izar is a respected Fleet Captain who has gone totally insane and become a murderous madman. After breaking free of his prison, Garth holds a coronation ceremony where he proclaims himself "Lord Garth, Master of the Universe" and declares his followers (also escaped lunatics) to be the future Masters of the Universe.

Considering the self-proclaimed title, Garth's delusional megalomania, and his complete removal from reality, King Montague felt it would be an excellent addition to Calsahara's system of honors.

Regalia and investiture ceremony

Regalia of the Masters of the Universe

The regalia for the Masters of the Universe is a gold medallion suspended from a gold chain collar. Each chain and medallion is unique to each member of the order. There is also a drape medal for the order, made of gold lamé, but this material is extremely fragile, so it's not generally worn or bestowed.

The investiture ceremony for the Masters of the Universe requires the honored person to stand before the Sovereign of the Order while their eccentric deeds are recited, then they must kneel as the Sovereign places the collar over their head. Then the Sovereign proclaims them "Lord Firstname, Master of the Universe" and touches them on the shoulder, saying: "Rise, and claim your domain!"

This act of kneeling before a sovereign Head of State raises significant issues in presenting the award to anyone, as most foreign leaders are not willing to kneel (or in some cases, even bow) to anyone. However, according to the standards of the order, once the honored individual rises, he is considered an equal with all other Masters of the Universe. In fact, becoming a member of the Masters of the Universe theoretically puts the holder higher in precedence than all other lifeforms and deities in the entire universe (hence the name).

Current Status

The order is now considered disused, its function having been deemed to not be in-line with Westarctica's vision for the future of Calsahara, after its liberation from negligent rule. The current official stance of the Grand Duke is that it will no longer be awarded. Despite this, the Masters of the Universe will still be considered technically active until it is either abolished, or there are no living members, in which case it will be considered dormant.

List of the Masters of the Universe

King Christopher of Vikesland kneeling to receive the collar of the Masters of the Universe at the Vikesland Embassy in Brandon, Canada in August 2010
Name Rank Reason for appointment Date of appointment Notes
Flag of Westarctica.jpg Grand Duke Travis Lord Travis, Master of the Universe Sovereign of the Order 14 December 2009
Flag of Westarctica.jpg Prince Christopher, Duke of Hudson Lord Christopher, Master of the Universe Indulging in delusions of grandeur 15 August 2010 Awarded during reign as King Christopher of Vikesland