Minister of Transportation

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The Minister of Transportation is a position on the Royal Council dedicated to identifying and overcoming Westarctica's logistical challenges.


Sir Michael Stolarczyk, Baronet of Alenroux, first proposed the creation of a government office devoted to transportation and logistics in an email to Grand Duke Travis on 16 December 2020. At the time, the proposal was taken into consideration, but no action was taken on creating the ministry.

After some private debate between the Grand Duke and Prime Minister Jordan Farmer about the utility of creating such a ministry, Sir Michael submitted a proposal which carefully outlined Westarctica's logistical challenges and the strategies he felt could overcome them. This proposal contained sufficient detail and depth to warrant further discussion with Sir Michael.

Following a phone call with Michael and the Grand Duke in March 2021, the Ministry of Transportation was created on 14 March 2021 with the mission of "ensuring long-term transportation and logistics sustainability, and creating positive environmental developments."


As the Ministry of Transportation has only recently been created, Sir Michael's current focus is acting as a logistics consultant for the government of Westarctica and planning for future operations.