Prince-Abbacy of Inselwald

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Prince-Abbacy of Inselwald
Prince-Abbacy of Inselwald flag.jpg

Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Inselwaldese
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Prince-Abbot Prince-Abbot James Richard
Established 6 January 2019

Official Facebook Page

The The Prince-Abbacy of Inselwald is a miniature principality governed by a monarchy. Although the principality shares many characteristics of a micronation, it does not generally consider itself to be a micronation and prefers the self-descriptive term miniature monarchy.

The Prince-Abbacy was launched in 2019 in order to provide legitimacy for the Noble Chapter of the Grand Hunt. The current ruler is the former King James of Scone, His Serene Highness Prince-Abbot James Richard. Regarding internal Inselwald matters, the preferred style of address is Prince-Abbot, or Prince Wellandberg (informally).

The Prince-Abbot announced on 1 January 2020 that he and other senior members of the nation were discussing restructuring, possibly to a Kingdom.


In 2018, then King James formally abdicated the Sconnish throne on 1 October. Though allowed to retain his royal style and titles, King James largely disappeared from Sconnish politics. Instead, he put his focus into reviving the Ancient and Venerable Order of Huntsmen, a fraternal organization with altruistic goals within Scone that had been mostly dormant for years.

On 11 December 2018, King James gave a speech announcing his intention to create a faith-based branch of the order, to be called the Noble Chapter of the Grand Hunt. As Scone was a largely non-religious government by design, he also announced the launch of a "sovereign and independent miniature state" in the form of a Prince-Abbacy (a principality ruled by an abbot). The primary goal of this was to provide more autonomy from potential interference of the Sconnish government. This vision was realized on 6 January 2018, when the Price-Abbacy of Inselwald was created.

On 27 March 2019, the Chapter ratified its constitution and officially severed ties with the Ancient and Venerable Order of Huntsmen. This decision was motivated by a desire to cast off the confusion regarding the nature of the relationship between the two entities.


The Prince-Abbot in his official habit

The absolutist Charter of Inselwald entrusts the Prince-Abbot with the personal exercise of all executive, legislative, and judicial power. This effectively makes the Prince-Abbacy an absolute monarchy, however the Prince-Abbot is a position elected by members of the Noble Chapter of the Grand Hunt for a term of five years.

A fully-staffed princely court of the anticamera nobile would include a Maestro di Camera (chamberlain), an Auditore (a jurist and all-purpose legal officer, akin to a chancellor), a Segretario (secretary), a Coppiere (the cup-bearer...a courtier in charge of ceremony), and, of course, the Gentiluomo (the indispensable aide-de-camp of the prince).

The Noble Chapter of the Grand Hunt

The Noble Chapter of the Grand Hunt (formally named the Collegiate Foundation of the Noble Chapter of the Grand Hunt) was launched on 6 January 2019, the same day as the Prince-Abbacy of Inselwald. This organization is the primary reason for Inselwald's existence, although citizenship within Inselwald is not required for membership, and vice-versa. The first group of five initiates (called Novitiates) was named on 9 January 2019.


Membership in the Noble Chapter of the Grand Hunt is open to all Christian men and women, regardless of denomination. After expressing interest in joining the chapter, an individual will be named to the next Novitiate. They will then undergo a period where they are expected to interact in the chapter's community, with a specific focus on interaction with, and encouragement of, their fellow novices. At the end of the Novitiate period, those whose interactions deem them suitable members make a statement of faith, and are named as a Canon or Canonness.

Those named to the order are also created as a Count or Countess of Inselwald, regardless of citizen status. Likewise, citizens of Inselwald are named a Baron or Baroness of the nation, regardless of membership in the chapter.

Relations with Westarctica

Although there are a number of ties between Inselwald and Westarctica, none of them are formal. This is seen as being primarily due to the relative infancy of the Prince-Abbacy, with official diplomatic ties very likely in the future.

Prince-Abbot James and Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica are personal friends, in addition to enjoying good relations with the Kingdom of Scone during the Prince-Abbot's time on the Sconnish throne. The Prince-Abbot also retains membership in multiple Westarctican orders from his time as King of Scone.

C Jordan Farmer, a Westarctican citizen who has held multiple positions within the Westarctican government, is a Canon of the Grand Hunt, having joined in the first Novitiate. As such, he is also a Count of Inselwald. His involvement with the Noble Chapter of the Grand Hunt is as a private citizen.

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