Public Holidays in Westarctica

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This is a list of Public Holidays in Westarctica.

Public holidays

Date Holiday Name Notes
1 January New Year's Day The next day is always a statutory holiday.
3 March Technology Day Celebrates the recapture of the domain name.
15 March The Ides of March A day of remembrance and caution for all monarchs.
2 June Coup Day Celebrates the overthrow of Grand Duke Jon-Lawrence.
Also called The Great Return.
4 June The Grand Duke's Birthday
2 August Citizen's Day Day to celebrate and recognize all citizens of Westarctica.
Commemorates the week the Grand Duke processed over 1,000 citizenship applications.
29 October Liberation Day Celebrates Westarctica's liberation of the Colony of Calsahara in 2017.
2 November Independence Day Commemorates the mailing of the Claimant Letter in 2001.
Informally called Westarctica Day.
24 November Calsahara Day Commemorates the original founding day of Calsahara in 2009.
25 December Christmas Day If this day falls on a Sunday, the next day will be a statutory holiday.