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The Illustrious Antarctic Order of the Orca, commonly referred to simply as the Order of the Orca is the highest Order of Westarctica. The intention of the order is to honor those who have provided a lifetime of service and dedication to Westarctica and its ideals. The order was formally established on 10 July 2019.

In late 2018, as part of Grand Duke Travis' focus on building a greater sense of community within the nation, he approved the creation of a new order, to serve as the highest honor he could bestow upon a Westarctican citizen. At that time, the Order of the Snowflake was the only order readily available for awarding to Westarctican citizens, due to the specific natures of the other orders. After conferring with advisors, Grand Duke Travis decided to establish another knighthood for Westarctica that would be more exclusively reserved for Westarctican citizens.

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