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| Consul || The Philippines || Michael Carmen
| Consul || The Philippines || Michael Carmen
| Consul || United Kingdom || Dame Kim Bryan, KtS
| Consul || United Kingdom || [[Baroness Fallone|Dame Kim Bryan]], Baroness [[Fallone Nunataks|Fallone]]
| Honorary Consul || Australia || Paul Hattam
| Honorary Consul || Australia || Paul Hattam

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Logo of the Honorary Consular Corps

The Honorary Consular Corps is Westarctica's primary diplomatic institution. It is staffed by volunteers who are carefully vetted by the Grand Duke after passing the Honorary Consul Training Program. They are a key part of Westarctica's foreign affairs program.


Honorary Consuls serve as representatives of the government of Westarctica in their home countries. They are expected to liaison with other citizens of Westarctica who either reside in their same geographic area or speak their same language. When official diplomatic events occur in their region, the Consuls may be asked to represent Westarctica's interests at these functions. For this reason, the Consuls must be well-versed on Westarctica's history, its mission, and goals.

All Honorary Consuls receive a certificate with their diplomatic credentials as well as a metal lapel pin of the Flag of Westarctica. They are encouraged to wear the flag pin even when not working on official business as a way of establishing conversations about Westarctica.

Although Honorary Consuls are appointed by the Grand Duke, they are managed by the Foreign Minister and deliver monthly reports on their activities to him.

Chiefs of Mission Meeting

Members of the foreign office meeting with Grand Duke Travis. (left to right: Honorary Consul to Spain, Westarctica's Foreign Minister, Grand Duke Travis, Honorary Consul to England, and Honorary Consul to Italy)

Starting in 2018, the Grand Duke and the Foreign Minister hold a one day meeting / reception for the members of the diplomatic corps known as the Chiefs of Mission Meeting. The first such meeting was held in Berlin on 2 November 2018 and was attended by Honorary Consuls from Italy, England, and Spain. It was decided that a similar event would be held every two years in a different country where Westarctica has a diplomatic presence.

The 2020 Chiefs of Mission Meeting will occur in southern Spain.


With good service and excellence in their work, Honorary Consuls can be promoted to higher diplomatic ranks. The ranks of Westarctica's diplomats are:

  • Ambassador
  • Consul-General
  • Consul
  • Vice-Consul
  • Honorary Consul

List of Honorary Consuls

Consulate of Westarctica to the Borough of Stillwater, Pennsylvania
The Count of Goldstream (left) with the Duke of Howe (right) inside the foyer of Westarctica's Consulate-General to Europe.
Plaque at front gate of the Consulate of Westarctica to Spain

As of 25 January 2019, the current roster of Honorary Consuls is:

Rank Region Representative
Ambassador Kingdom of Ruritania Princess Rebecca, Duchess of Rockefeller
Consul-General South Eastern America Prince David, Duke of Driscoll
Consul-General Europe Dr. Hans Kempe, Duke of Howe
Consul-General Spain Sir Joachim Adlfinger, Baron of Dorrel
Consul Borough of Stillwater Daniel McHenry
Consul Italy Sir Francesco Alvaro Ronchi, KtS
Consul The Philippines Michael Carmen
Consul United Kingdom Dame Kim Bryan, Baroness Fallone
Honorary Consul Australia Paul Hattam
Honorary Consul Brazil Thomas Hansen
Honorary Consul City of London Massimiliano Naspi
Honorary Consul East Asia Chun Yin Benedict Chak
Honorary Consul Finland Jussi Marttinen
Honorary Consul Germany Sir Martin Schmidt, KtS
Honorary Consul India Baron H.V. Jain
Honorary Consul The Netherlands Nout Gemmeke
Honorary Consul North Carolina Salvatore Leone
Honorary Consul Northern Europe Michael Kühnl
Honorary Consul Switzerland Cristian Repciuc
Honorary Consul Tennessee Kristina Sullivan
Honorary Consul Vietnam Doan Duc Nguyên Long

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