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(should be "officers of government" not "officers of State" - since the Sovereign represents the State and the PM and Chief Justice represent the other branches of government.)
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| 19
| 19
| Baron<br>Baroness
| [[Baron|Baron<br>Baroness]]
| His Lordship<br>Her Ladyship
| His Lordship<br>Her Ladyship
| 20
| 20
| Baronet<br>Baronetness
| [[Baronet|Baronet<br>Baronetness]]
| Sir<br>Dame
| Sir<br>Dame

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The Order of Precedence in Westarctica contains 43 different positions and includes the Royal Family, all Hereditary Nobles, all Knights and Dames of Westarctica, as well as Westarctica's Colonial Governors, the Nobles of Calsahara, Lords and Ladies of the Colonial Estates, and Knights and Dames of Calsahara. The following list represents all possible title holders of either gender.

When inside the borders of Calsahara, Calsaharan noble titles and Knighthoods outrank equivalent Westarctican titles.

Rank Title Style of Address
Royal Family
1 Grand Duke
Grand Duchess
His Royal Highness
Her Royal Highness
2 Prince-Consort
His Royal Highness
Her Royal Highness
3 Princes of the Blood
Princess of the Blood
His Royal Highness
Her Royal Highness
High Officers of Government
4 The Prime Minister of Westarctica His / Her Excellency
5 Chief Justice of the Grand Ducal Court Her / His Honor
Royal Council Ministers
6 Minister of Department His / Her Excellency
7 Deputy Minister of Department His / Her Excellency
8 Director of Department The Honorable
9 Commissioner of Department The Honorable
Grand Ducal Court Justices
10 Seniority Rank Justice Her / His Honor
Colonial Governors
11 Captain-General of Calsahara His/ Her Excellency
12 Governor of the Balleny Islands His/ Her Excellency
Peers of Westarctica
13 Royal Prince
Royal Princess
His Highness
Her Highness
14 Noble Prince
Noble Princess
His Serene Highness
Her Serene Highness
15 Duke
His Grace
Her Grace
16 Marquis
His Lordship
Her Ladyship
17 Count
His Lordship
Her Ladyship
18 Viscount
His Lordship
Her Ladyship
19 Baron
His Lordship
Her Ladyship
20 Baronet
Nobles of Calsahara
21 Maharaja His Supreme Highness
22 Prince His Highness
23 Duke His Grace
24 Count His Lordship
25 Baron His Lordship
26 Dey His Deyship
27 Sire Sire
28 Thane The Worshipful
Lords and Ladies of the Manor
29 Lord of Lastname Manor
Lady of Lastname Manor
Your Lordship
Your Ladyship
Knights and Dames of Westarctica
30 Knights of the Illustrious Antarctic Order of the Orca Sir / Dame
31 Knights of the Order of the Snowflake Sir / Dame
32 Knights of the Noble Order of Westarctica Sir / Dame
33 Knights of the Holy Order of The Cross Sir / Dame
34 Knights of the Noble Order of the Sword Sir / Dame
35 Knights of the Order of Merit Sir / Dame
Knights and Dames of Calsahara
36 Knights of the Order of the Desert Heart Sir / Dame
37 Legionnaires of the Legion of Peace Legionnaire
38 Masters of the Universe Lord
Representatives of the Diplomatic Corps
39 Ambassador His / Her Excellency
40 Consul-General His / Her Excellency
41 Consul His / Her Excellency
42 Vice-Consul His / Her Excellency
43 Honorary Consul His / Her Excellency