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The Orders of Calsahara are a series of awards (also called "honors") created to recognize exceptional achievements related to the Colony of Calsahara. Originally, only the King of Calsahara had the authority to distribute honors, but following the abdication of King Montague in 2014, both the King and the Dictator for Life were authorized as dual fonts of honor.

After the Colony of Calsahara became a client state of Westarctica, its Orders of Chivalry were absorbed into the Orders of Westarctica and now Grand Duke Travis is the font of honor for both series of awards. Despite this, only one order is still active; two have been declared to be in a state of disuse, and one has been abolished.

Current actively awarded order of chivalry

Calsahara currently has only one actively awarded order, implemented on 20 November 2009 in Calsahara's founding document, the "Calsahara.ppt" which described the order, and the criteria for awarding it.

Complete name Ranks Regalia Established Awarded to/for/by
Order of the Desert Heart Grand Knight/Dame Commander
Knight/Dame Commander
Order-Desert-Ribbon.png 20 November 2009 Services to Calsahara or recognition of foreign leaders

Orders in disuse

The Colony of Calsahara currently has two orders of chivalry considered to be "in disuse." These orders are no longer being awarded, their function having been deemed obsolete with the liberation of Calsahara and subsequent establishment as a colony of Westarctica. Though no longer awarded, these orders have not been abolished. As such, they are still technically considered active, meaning that their members may still wear their regalia as they would any other active order.

They will remain in disuse until such time as they are abolished or revived. Barring either of those occurring, the orders will become dormant once there are no living members. The Legion of Peace was implemented on 20 November 2009 in Calsahara's founding document, the "Calsahara.ppt" which described the orders, their precedence, and the criteria for awarding. The lowest order, the Masters of the Universe, was created shortly thereafter, on 14 December 2009.

Complete name Ranks Regalia Established Living members Awarded for
Legion of Peace General of the Legion
Order-Peace-Ribbon.png 20 November 2009 4 The promotion of peace
Masters of the Universe Lord Firstname, Master of the Universe Order-Masters-Ribbon.png 14 December 2009 2 Excessive megalomania and delusions of grandeur

Abolished Orders

On 18 October 2019, Grand Duke Travis officially abolished the Illustrious Order of Thespians, due to the fact that it had never been awarded to anyone aside from the Sovereign himself. In accordance with his status as the only living knight, the Grand Duke has authorized himself to continue wearing the regalia of the Order.

Complete name Ranks Regalia Established Living members Awarded for
Illustrious Order of Thespians Grand Thespian
Thespian 1st Class
Thespian 2nd Class
Thespian 3rd Class
Order-Thespians-Ribbon.png 20 November 2009 1 Artistic achievement