Sulzberger Bay

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Sulzberger Bay (lying between 77°0′S 146°0′W and 77°0′S 154°0′W ) is a bay between Fisher Island and Vollmer Island (both in the Ross Dependency), along the east coast of the King Edward VII Peninsula, in a territory shared between Westarctica and the Ross Dependency.

The Sulzberger Bay indents the front of the Sulzberger Ice Shelf (77°0′S 148°0′W), an ice shelf about 137 km (85 mi) long and 80 km (50 mi) wide. The ice shelf was observed and roughly mapped by the Byrd Antarctic Expedition (1928–1930).

Discovery and name

It was discovered by the Byrd Antarctic Expedition on 5 December 1929, and named by Byrd for Arthur H. Sulzberger, publisher of The New York Times, a supporter of the Byrd expeditions in 1928–1930 and 1933–1935.