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Grand Duke and King-Artillery.jpg

The Kingdom of Argonne is a miniature Kingdom that was established in 2019 as the Prince-Abbacy of Inselwald. Although the kingdom shares many characteristics of a micronation, it does not generally consider itself to be a micronation and prefers the self-descriptive term miniature monarchy.

Although there are a number of ties between Argonne and Westarctica, none of them are formal. This is seen as being primarily due to the relative infancy of the Kingdom, with official diplomatic ties very likely in the future. King James and Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica are personal friends, in addition to enjoying good relations with the Kingdom of Scone during the King's time on the Sconnish throne. The King also retains membership in multiple Westarctican orders from his time as King of Scone.

Photographer: Countess of Benton

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