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Whitmore Mountains - Mt Chapman.jpg

The Whitmore Mountains are an isolated mountain range of the Transantarctic Mountains System, located in the Marie Byrd Land region of Westarctica.

They consist of three small mountains and a cluster of nunataks arranged in a semicircular pattern extending over 15 miles. The group was visited and surveyed on January 2, 1959, by William H. Chapman, cartographer with the Horlick Mountains Traverse Party. The mountains were named by Chapman for George D. Whitmore, Chief Topographic Engineer of the United States Geological Survey (USGS), who was a member of the Working Group on Cartography of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research.

The first title created in the Peerage of Westarctica was "Duke of Whitmore." However, after the initial structure of the nobility was modified in 2004, the title was reduced to Viscount of Whitmore. It has remained that way ever since, and the current Viscount has held that title continuously since 15 November 2015.

Photo Credit: U.S. Antarctic Program

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