His Majesty's Corps of Engineers

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Logo of His Majesty's Corps of Engineers

His Majesty's Corps of Engineers was the name of the military unit of Calsahara before it became a colony of Westarctica. The Corps of Engineers was defeated during the 2017 Liberation of Calsahara and the Corps was subsequently integrated into the Westarctican Royal Guards.


His Majesty's Corps of Engineers was created in July 2010 to address the serious issue of seasonal flooding on the southern border of Calsahara. The Corps was technically a military unit, however it did not participate in offensive combat operations. The primary mission of the Corps of Engineers was to defend against seasonal floodwaters from nearby Soda Lake and defend the territorial integrity of Calsahara.

Operational history

King Christopher of Vikesland and Grand Duke Travis participating in JMTEX-10


In late August 2010, the Corps of Engineers participated in the Joint Micronational Training Exercise 2010. Calsahara's soldiers trained alongside the Vikeslandic Security Forces during King Montague's state visit to the Kingdom of Vikesland. The joint exercise involved foot patrol operations, ATV patrols, simulated bear defense, and simulated rocket defense.

Otisburg Firepit

To commemorate the successful invasion and conquest of 115 acres of neighboring land (including the conquest of Hooverville), the Corps of Engineers constructed a firepit in the heart of Otisburg. The stone material used in construction was gathered from the newly conquered territory.

Montague Square

Although construction on Montague Square remains an ongoing process as it expands and improves, construction was started by the Corps on Engineers in 2011.


As the Corps was primarily a construction battalion, it carried no weapons and relied on sandbags and shovels to fulfill its mission. The shovels could conceivably be swung at intruders to cause injury, but there is no record of the Corps soldiers training to use shovels in this fashion.

Defeat by Westarctica

The Corps of Engineers was ill prepared for the unexpected arrival of Westarctica's troops on the Carrizo Plain. By the time the invading force had crossed the Seven Seas of Rhye, thereby violating Calsahara's sovereign borders, the Corps of Engineers had already fled the nation and left everything behind for the conquering army.

After the conquest was complete, the Corps of Engineers were integrated into the Westarctican Royal Guards, and the Royal Guards now assume all responsibility for flood control and overall defense of Calsahara's territory.


Awards chart of the Corps of Engineers

The awards issued by the King of Calsahara for members of the Corps formed the basis for awards of the Westarctican Royal Guards in 2021. In precedence from high to low, the awards were:

  • Combat Valor Award - Awarded for courageous participation in armed combat.
  • Royal Commendation - Issued by King Montague to service members for exceptional service to the Royal Court.
  • Distinguished Service Citation - Issued for any action not already covered by another award, yet deemed by the Commanding General to be exceptional.
  • Meritorious Construction Citation - Issued for participation in a construction project in Calsahara that exceeds $1,000 in overall cost, or takes longer than two months of uninterrupted work to complete.
  • Flooding Defense Ribbon - Authorized for any service member who has participated in defending against flooding.
  • Construction Service Ribbon - Authorized for any service member who has participated in a construction project in Calsahara.
  • Defense Patrol Ribbon - Authorized for any service member who has conducted a defensive patrol in Calsahara.
  • Foreign Service Ribbon - Authorized for any service member who has served in at least one operation or exercise with a foreign military.
  • Good Conduct Ribbon - Authorized for all service members for each year of service without a negative personnel report.

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