Kingdom of Ruritania

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Kingdom of Ruritania

Capital city Strelsau
Official language(s) English
Demonym Ruritanian
Government Monarchy
- Monarch Queen Anastasia
Established 1967
Area claimed Between Dresden and Prague (American Embassy is .5 acres)
Population 250+
Currency Kronen

Official Website

The Kingdom of Ruritania is a micronation with extensive claims to a fictional enclave in Europe. The history of the nation pre-1950s is generally regarded as a fanciful re-telling of the plot of The Prisoner of Zenda, a fiction novel which takes place in the Kingdom of Ruritania. Although the country began as a pseudo-simulation of the fictional nation, in 1967, it rapidly evolved (post Internet) into a micronation having activities in the real world. The fictional backstory was retained by the government as a sort of "founding mythology" in a practice that has been replicated by many other countries.


Grand Duke Travis and Prince-Consort Dinny at an audience with Queen Anastasia of Ruritania

Ruritania is an absolute monarchy ruled under the principles of Divine Right. Queen Anastasia Sophia Maria Helena von Rubenroth Elphberg is the ruler of Ruritania, having re-assumed the throne in 2010 following the death of her husband, King Wilhelm-Rudolph, who had served as King since their marriage in 1970.

Her Majesty the Queen is assisted in her government duties by her daughters, Grand Duchess Juliana and Grand Duchess Lydia. Grand Duchess Juliana is also the Heir Apparent to the throne.


The claimed area of Ruritania is lies somewhere between Dresden and Prague, the government maintains an embassy in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The embassy is open to visitors by appointment only and can be visited for a tour with advance notice and official permission.


The Queen of Ruritania has undertaken several state visits, including one with the Republic of Molossia in 2013. Her Majesty also attended MicroCon 2015 in Anaheim, California and co-hosted MicroCon 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. During MicroCon 2017, a lavish reception was held at the Ruritanian Embassy for the delegates of the conference.

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