Royal Family of Westarctica

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Grand Duke Travis, Prince-Consort Dinny, and Prince Daniel Nicholas in Santa Monica, California in 2014

The Royal Family of Westarctica consists of the Grand Duke of Westarctica, his consort, and all his children. Other members of the Grand Duke's immediate family may be included as members of the Royal Family, but on a case-by-case basis only.

The members of the Royal Family are not only first in the Order of Precedence, but they are also first in line to the throne of Westarctica, should the Grand Duke be unable to fulfill his duties through death or other incapacity. According to the Charter of Westarctica, the Grand Duke has the freedom to appoint his heir, and the heir need not be a direct family member. In practice, however, the heir to the throne of Westarctica has always been one of the Grand Duke's two children.

All members of the Royal Family are considered "Princes of the Blood" and are accorded the style "Royal Highness."

Current members of the Royal Family

Grand Duke Travis, Prince-Consort Dinny, and Prince Ashton Roman in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2016
Portrait Style Title Position
Grand Duke Travis.jpg His Royal Highness Grand Duke Travis Sovereign of Westarctica
Prince Dinny Background.jpg His Royal Highness Prince-Consort Dinny Prince-Consort of Westarctica
Prince Ashton Roman.jpeg His Royal Highness Prince Ashton Roman Heir Apparent
Archduke Nicholas 1.jpg His Royal Highness Prince Daniel Nicholas