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His Honor
Sir James Murphy
Knight Grand Commander of the Snowflake
Grand Knight Commander Holy Order of The Cross

Justice of the Grand Ducal Court
In Office November 2020 - September 2020
Clerk of the Grand Ducal Court
In Office August 2020 - September 2020
Predecessor Office Created

Sir James Murphy was a prominent citizen of Westarctica and sovereign ruler of several micronations. He is best known for his time as the first monarch of the Sconnish People and the sovereign of the Glennish Empire. He was also the first and only monarch of the Kingdom of Argonne, and its previous incarnation, the Prince-Abbacy of Inselwald.

King James abdicated the Sconnish throne on 1 October 2018 and three months later created a new project called the Price-Abbacy of Inselwald. Inselwald later evolved into the Kingdom of Argonne before being disbanded entirely on 20 April 2020.

In September 2020, Sir James resigned as a Justice in the Grand Ducal Court to ascend the throne of the Kingdom of Great Hanover.

As King of the Sconnish


James Richard Edward George, at the time styled "Archduke of Hanover," became the first king of the independent Kingdom of Scone on 1 March 2014 according to the provisions of an Act of Parliament of the former Glennish Kingdoms, of which the Sconnish Kingdom was once a part. When the constituent kingdoms of the GK were devolved, becoming independent, James, who had served as Lord Lieutenant over the Sconnish realm, automatically became Scone's first king. His Majesty's formal ceremony of installation and enthronement as King of the Sconnish occurred on 17th March 2014.

In January 2016, the other constituent kingdom of the former Glennish Kingdoms, the miniature Kingdom of Hanover, passed into the King's hands by inheritance when Hanover's king unexpectedly abdicated in James' favor. The miniature Kingdom of Hanover, founded by James back in 2002, was once again his to reign over, and he was enthroned a second time to commence his second Hanoverian reign. Not long after James' second installation as Hanover's king, the Kingdom of Hanover was divided by treaty between James and a rival claimant for the Hanoverian throne. The part retained by King James has since become a colony of the Sconnish Crown called the Colonial Province of Glennish Hanover. With the assumption by the Crown of Glennish Hanover in June 2016, the Glennish Crown was constituted a second time by an Act of the Sconnish Parliament, and the "Glennish Empire" was launched.

With the emergence of a notional empire, the Sovereign assumed the additional title of "Emperor."

Royal duties

Grand Duke Travis and King James of Scone inspecting the artillery regiment at Old Fort Niagara during their state visit in 2017

The King was primarily a figurehead monarch, but his schedule was nevertheless a busy one. His Majesty was responsible for opening Parliament, for giving the Royal Assent to any bills passed by Parliament, for proroguing Parliament (at least on paper), and for ensuring that there is a Government at all times. His Majesty appointed the Prime Minister and all other ministers recommended to him by the Prime Minister. The King met regularly with the Prime Minister to learn of the Government's plans, to offer advice, and to warn the Government in the event that its policies threaten to objectively damage the Sconnish community or to alter its fundamental identity.

In Scone, the Royal Prerogative is exercised by the Privy Council, wherein executive decisions are taken by the Prime Minister and his cabinet in consultation with the Council. The King, however, granted his pro-forma approval to all Orders-in-Council drafted by the Government and voted upon by the Council.

Ceremonial and social functions

In addition to consulting with his Government, His Majesty was obliged to attend to a variety of ceremonial functions throughout the year. As King, James presented honors to deserving subjects on his official birthday, on New Year's day, and on other significant occasions. His Majesty also delivered public addresses to his people on major holidays and state occasions, and received newly initiated subjects who were presented to him following the conclusion of their probationary period.

In July 2017, King James hosted a delegation from Westarctica for a state visit in Sconnish North America.

Font of Honor

His Majesty, as fons honorem, was responsible for honoring deserving Sconnish subjects with various appointments to honorary offices and positions, with enrollment in the Most Excellent Order of Scone, the Most Honourable Order of the Sconnish Poppy, the Most Exalted Order of the Imperial Star of Glennain, and with elevation to the Peerage.

House of Mountwelland

King James giving his final address to the Court of St. Ives, a few days prior to his abdication

The first royal house of the Kingdom of Scone came into being by Royal Proclamation of His Majesty King James on 1 November 2017. The House of Mountwelland, as it was dubbed, was composed of His Majesty the King and two relative newcomers elected by the monarch on 27 October 2017 to become princes of the Kingdom of Scone.

The Princes-Elect Edward and Patrick were formally invested of the dignity royal on 11 December 2017, each having been created a Prince of the Kingdom of Scone by Letters Patent of His Majesty under the Great Seal. Together, the King and the two Princes formed the Sconnish Royal Family.

However, when King James abdicated, Price Edward ascended the throne to become King Edward while Prince Patrick had resigned from his position as a member of the House of Mountwelland.

End of reign

Regency Period

In April 2018, the Royal Court announced that Prince Edward, the Prince Royal would be acting as Regent of Scone for an undetermined length of time while King James retired from public life and affairs of state. The Regency Period was scheduled to start on 21 May and continue indefinitely.


On 17 September 2018, after four months of regency, King James announced his intention to abdicate the throne. The instrument of abdication was signed that day and took effect on 1 October. At the stroke of noon on that day, the Prince Royal ascended the throne as King Edward. Sconnish citizens generally lauded the transfer of power and celebrated the new king.

It has been decreed that in retirement, the former King would retain his title and continue to be styled as "His Majesty."

After becoming a private citizen of Scone, James focused his attention on running the Ancient and Venerable Order of Huntsmen, a fraternal organization that exists inside of Scone.

As Monarch of Inselwald and Argonne

Establishing Inselwald and the Noble Chapter of the Grand Hunt

Sir James as Prince-Abbot of Inselwald in 2019

On 11 December 2018, through a video posted to Facebook, James announced that he was founding a new sovereign and independent miniature state called the Prince-Abbacy of Inselwald. The primary function of the prince-abbacy would be to accommodate a new religiously-minded chapter of the Order of Huntsmen, known as the Noble Chapter of Ladies and Gentlemen of the Grand Hunt (informally called the Noble Chapter of the Grand Hunt). This new chapter sought freedom from potential interference by the government of Scone, in addition to having a different vision.

James was elevated to ruler of this sovereign state as the Prince-Abbot. He stressed during his speech that he is a lay abbot, and not an actual clerical leader of his people.

The Prince-Abbacy of Inselwald was formally established on 6 January 2019. On 14 February 2019, Prince-Abbot James was formally enthroned in a relatively simple ceremony. During this ceremony, he also officially opened the Noble Chapter of the Grand Hunt to begin activity for its members.

Due to a significant amount of confusion regarding the specific nature of the relationship between the Order of Huntsmen and Noble Chapter of the Grand Hunt, James proposed severing ties with the Order, standing up the Chapter as a separately governed offshoot. The Chapter's constitution was ratified by members on 27 March 2019. This constitution contained several key differences from the original vision for the Chapter. These included:

  • The aforementioned declaration of independence from the Ancient and Venerable Order of Huntsmen.
  • The changing of the name to the simpler style of the Collegiate Foundation of the Noble Chapter of the Grand Hunt.
  • The announcement that while the Prince-Abbot was still an absolute monarch, the position would undergo an election process every five years by members of the Noble Chapter of the Grand Hunt.

Argonne and Retirement from Micronationalism

Despite strong activity after launching, the Chapter of the Grand Hunt's discussions quickly fell to mostly input from the Prince-Abbot, with the Count von Weltenburg being the only significant contributing member. On new year's day of 2020, Prince-Abbot James announced the project's overhaul and reimagining as the Kingdom of Argonne. As part of this change, the Prince-Abbacy of Inselwald would be renamed the Principality of Frontenac, to fall under Argonne. The Chapter of the Grand Hunt would be disbanded, with its forum preserved as the location of the Principality's Parliament of Champlain. All previous Inselwaldese titles will be retained, although new titles may be granted under either Argonne or Frontenac jurisdiction. The transition officially occurred on 4 March 2020, with James again being crowned King.

While the activity levels were not what King James had hoped for, the interactions were an improvement over Inselwald's, and appeared to be increasing, as time went on. The underwhelming activity levels, coupled with the typical headaches found throughout micronationalism led James to declared the disbanding of Argonne on 20 April 2020. In the same announcement, James declared his intent to retire from the micronational community.

Involvement with Dracul

Murphy was briefly considered for the role of monarch of the Commonwealth of Dracul. For approximately one month, he held the provisional title of Prince-Elect. However, a few weeks before his scheduled coronation as monarch, Murphy abruptly withdrew himself from consideration for the role.

Dracul subsequently held an election for their next prince.

As citizen of Westarctica

Sir James receiving his Knight Commander medal in 2017

Shortly after disbanding Argonne, James became a citizen of Westarctica. As he already possessed several knighthoods, he has been known as "Sir James." He expressed an interest in serving the Grand Ducal Court in an administrative function and as of August 2020, Sir James has been appointed to the role of Clerk of the Grand Ducal Court. In his capacity as clerk, he is responsible for overseeing filings of the Court, assisting with caseload management, and maintaining the records of the Court.

On 29 November 2020, Sir James was appointed as the Fourth Justice in the Grand Ducal Court by Royal Decree from Grand Duke Travis. He resigned from the Court in September 2020 to assume the throne of Great Hanover.

Honors and Awards

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