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Hey, can we talk about the government diagram? I put it together at the direction of the Grand Duke, and he was as surprised as I that it had been taken out of the article. I am sure you have a reason for doing this, but I don't know what it is yet. Could you share? Thanks! Baron of Bastanchury (talk) 11:33, 26 December 2018 (UTC)

Response to Query regarding Government article

I listed the reasons for removal on the discussion tab for the Government of Westarctica article, when I took it down. There were several errors on the infographic that contradicted the facts contained within the article.

I have nothing against the inclusion of the infographic. If we're going to be putting it out there, though, it needs to be correct.

I do have concerns that such a picture will not be regularly updated (it was already out of date when it was put up, as it didn't reflect our Commissioner of Elections). Another concern is that it will become cumbersome and confusing as more positions are added, but that is a matter that will need to be dealt with, in the future. I have no power to make executive decisions, like that.

I was made a moderator. As such, I'm supposed to help keep the Encyclopedia Westarctica as factually correct as I am able. I don't have access to the original infographic, to edit it. Frankly, (and respectfully) I do not have the time or interest to, either. The document had multiple factual errors, so I removed it and left a note for you stating why. I also let the Grand Duke know why that day, just in case it was seen as overstepping.

Please let me know if anything needs further clarification. User:DukeBearPeninsula

  • Please know that I appreciate your efforts and participation, and did not mean my question to come across as pointed (if it did). I somehow missed the talk page discussion you mentioned. Since we cannot upload SVG files as images, the graphic is, as you pointed out, not easily edited, and quickly becomes out of date (there is no place in it, for example, for the title Captain-General of Calsaharah, though the title certainly belongs there somewhere). I wonder if there is not some way to remedy this (not the SVG part, the editing part) but I don't know what that might be. I am certainly willing to spend some time revising and updating the graphic, and I think the article is better with such an image than without one, but not to the extent that it contains information which becomes inaccurate. I do not want to create it anew only to see it removed again, however! Thoughts? Baron of Bastanchury (talk) 00:49, 27 December 2018 (UTC)
  • It didn't come across pointed. I just tried to be thorough, in my response. My directness may have come across as brusque. If so I apologize, as that was not my intent, either. I agree that such a diagram could be a good addition. I simply feel that as government changes, grows, and becomes more efficient, that this may become a time-suck, as well as confusing (Full disclosure: if I happen to be elected Prime Minister, I'm hoping to oversee a lot of growth and changes in efficiency). I wonder if it might not be better to forgo it, to avoid such a drain on your time. At the end of the day, it's your call. It just comes down to whether this is a project you want to expend the effort to keep up on. User:DukeBearPeninsula