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"God Save Westarctica" is the national hymn of Westarctica and, along with "Westarctica, Land of the Brave" and "Go West" is one of the country's three national songs.


Original sheet music for "God Save Westarctica"

"God Save Westarctica" was written by Grand Duke Travis in 2004 as a quick and easy national anthem for Westarctica. He wanted to create a piece that would be familiar to laymen and also be easy to play on the piano, which he was learning at the time. The music is based on the tune "God Save the Queen,".

The lyrics begin by praising the Grand Duke and asking God to bless him as he leads the nation. The second verse is devoted to Westarctica and asks for God's blessings over the land and its natural resources. Despite having the opening verse "God save our Grandest Duke," the song is primarily a tribute to Westarctica and to whoever happens to occupy the throne, not to Grand Duke Travis specifically, thus, the title is "God Save Westarctica" and not "God Save the Grand Duke."

In the first verse, the lyrics refer to the Grand Duke as "His Majesty." At the time the song was written, the Grand Duke utilized the style "His Serene Majesty," which was later changed to "His Royal Highness" in 2014. However, the new style didn't fit with the song's rhyming structure, so the original lyric was maintained.

"God Save Westarctica" was Westarctica's national anthem from the time it was composed until March 2018 when it was replaced by "Westarctica, Land of the Brave."


God save our Grandest Duke
Give him the power to
Be just and strong

God save His Majesty
Clothe him in piety
Cause everyone to see
The Grand Duke live long

God save Westarctica
Flora and fauna
God save our land

Oh, Lord descend to us
Bless us with righteousness
Lay upon all of us
Your glorious hand

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