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Encyclopedia Westarctica is the official encyclopedia for information about Westarctica.


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On this amazing wiki, you'll find authoritative articles about the coldest nation on earth. Although unrecognized by most major countries, Westarctica has a long and colorful history as well as new events happening daily.

This wiki is being continually improved and updated by a dedicated team of enthusiastic editors, with content moderated by our hand-picked staff. Since its creation on 12 March 2018, Encyclopedia Westarctica has become the definitive online source for information about Westarctica and an important resource for those researching other Micronations with a total of 2,513 pages and 927 articles.

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The primary goals of Encyclopedia Westarctica are:

  1. Answer any question that could possibly be asked about Westarctica: especially its people, places, and mission.
  2. Provide a definitive chronicle of Westarctica's history for use by researchers and historians.
  3. Educate the public about issues concerning the ecology of Westarctica.
  4. Digitally preserve all available information about Westarctica from primary and secondary sources.

Editing and getting an account

Anyone with an interest in Westarctica or Antarctica is encouraged to contribute to the collection knowledge found in Encyclopedia Westarctica. After a series of attacks by bots on 21 June 2018, we were forced to disable account creation for new users. However, you can still get an account by sending a request to Westarctica's admin e-mail address (found on the footer of every page of Westarctica.info).

"Ask and ye shall receive!"

With gratitude

Encyclopedia Westarctica owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to the creators and administrators of MicroWiki. Emperor Jonathan's pioneering vision for a wiki that would hold all available information about micronations as well as become a community hub for all micronationalists, was a true inspiration that helped lead to the creation of Encyclopedia Westarctica.

His Imperial Majesty and the entire staff at MicroWiki have worked tirelessly to keep their community growing for nearly 20 years and MicroWiki has been a great resource for information about all micronations big and small.

Also deserving of thanks is the United Empire of Slabovia, a micronation whose entire official website consists of an informative wiki that relays all relevant facts and history about the country.

With scorn

We would be remiss if we failed to thank Wikipedia for its various contributions. Without the free programing, templates, and articles, Encyclopedia Westarctica would look terrible and have little information of value outside of our micronational articles.

We must also express our disappointment, however, with the way that a number of Wikipedia editors and admins have treated micronation-related information on their site, and with the double standards which we have seen applied to works there. The Wikipedia article on Westarctica, supported with a number of references to non-trivial discussion in independent reliable secondary published sources, was deleted after seven years on a premise of "I don't like it" and converted into a redirect to the article on Travis McHenry. The parliamentary means by which this was done and the duplicity with which it was handled was striking for an organization so priding itself of authenticity and accuracy. It did nothing to increase the world's knowledge, and instead served more to blow out the light of effort of those who had worked to create an article on a legitimately notable subject.

Encyclopedia Westarctica Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Grand Duke Travis
Wiki Admin: Duke of the Bear Peninsula
Contributor: Count of Dendtler