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Welcome to Westarctica's user page!

Who I am

Eating a Molossian cookie in Molossia on the 40th Founder's Day

The username Westarctica is really Grand Duke Travis, although other tech admins may occasionally use this account for maintenance purposes.

Aside from being the creator of Encyclopedia Westarctica, I also serve as its Editor-in-Chief.

I hope you enjoy the information you find here, we're doing our best to make it perfect and awesome, but we are always happy to accept help from skilled Wiki editors, admins, and contributors.

Wiki Editing Experience

My skill level with editing and writing for wikis is not terribly terrific, but I must kind of know what I doing considering I got this thing up and running with minimal help from anyone else. I'm truly learning as I go and every new article or formatting or technical challenge that pops up presents me with a chance to sharpen my skills and expand my knowledge base.

And expanding knowledge is what Encyclopedia Westarctica is all about!

Fun Quote

"The most valuable commodity I know of is information." -Gordon Gekko (Wall Street, 1987)