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There are several factual errors in the diagram. I'm removing it until it can be fixed.

  • Commissioner of Elections is missing.
  • King of Arms isn't a Ministry, and will not report to the Prime Minister.
  • "Foreign Office Ministry" should read "Foreign Minister"
  • Captain of the Royal Guards is the head of the Royal Guards, like the Ministers are the heads of their Ministries. Having "Royal Guards" on here is redundant.
  • There is currently no independent Ministry of Immigration, it's Citizenship & Immigration.
  • The Civilian Corps is another hybrid position, where it falls under Citizenship & Immigration structurally, but the head technically reports directly to the Grand Duke.

In my opinion, this Infographic is only going to become more and more cumbersome, as Westarctica progresses. If it is going to be up, it should be correct, and be regularly updated to reflect the current Government structure. -Jordan