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The Minister of Commerce is a position on the Royal Council that manages the creation and distribution of Westarctica's physical souvenirs and other items intended to be sold to the general public for fundraising purposes.

As of 5 March 2021, this post is vacant. Its basic function has been absorbed by the Commissioner of Economic Development.


The Ministry of Commerce was created on 8 May 2019 after several months of discussion between Prime Minister Jordan Farmer and Grand Duke Travis. They were seeking a way to increase general commerce and sales of Westarctica's handicrafts and souvenirs as well as relieve the Grand Duke of the burden of packing and shipping these items.

As Commissioner of the Treasury, the Count of Dendtler was a natural fit for the role of Minister of Commerce. His Lordship was relieved of his position as Minister of Information and handed responsibility of the commerce portfolio on 8 May 2019. On 4 March 2021, the Count of Dendtler resigned from his post following the disappearance of the Great Seal; as of April 2021 the office remains vacant and has been subsumed by the Grand Duke.


The Count's first task was accepting orders for, and shipping, the 20 ice mark notes. He later assumed responsibility for creating Letters Patent for all new Peers of Westarctica.