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The former Minister of Finance

The Minister of Finance was a cabinet-level position in Westarctica's Royal Council from 2014 - 2016.

The first Minister of Finance, Polly Wilson, had more than ten years of experience in the banking and finance industry, having worked for Goldman-Sachs and served as a consultant to high profile business ventures. She was appointed as Minister of Finance in 2014 and concurrently held the position of Chief Financial Officer in Westarctica's corporate leadership structure.


Ms. Wilson's first duty was speaking about Westarctica's financial status and future fundraising endeavors in an interview for a documentary film about the political situation in Antarctica and the potential ramifications of the Antarctic Treaty. She also advised Grand Duke Travis on proper filing procedures and other corporate guidance.

Ms. Wilson and her husband Ben Wilson both served on Westarctica's first Board of Directors when the incorporation documents were filed with the state of California.

She was released from her position as Minister of Finance in 2016.