Mount Ronne

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Map showing location of Mount Ronne

Mount Ronne (77°34′S 146°10′W) is a prominent, flattish mountain which projects from the middle of the east side of the Haines Mountains.

Discovery and name

The mountain was probably first observed on aerial flights by the Byrd Antarctic Expedition (1928–30). Named by Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names for Martin Rønne, who was a sail maker, ski instructor, dog-driver, and ice pilot with the Byrd Antarctic Expedition, and who had been a shipboard member of the Fram on Roald Amundsen's South Pole expedition (1910–12).

Peerage title

On 10 July 2023, Grand Duke Travis bestowed the peerage title Count of Ronne upon Sing-Hong (Oscar), Ou in recognition of his support of Westarctica. The count had been granted the title Baronet of Wexford just six days earlier, but his rank was raised quickly due to his enthusiastic recruiting of several members of his family into Westarctica's noble ranks.