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Nordale's Flag

The Republic of Nordale, more commonly known simply as Nordale, is a micronation consisting of seven non-contiguous pieces of land located in North America, with a total landmass of nearly 80 acres. All of its provinces were fully surrounded by the United States of America and the Province of Citrus Grove is bordered partially in the West by the Austenasian Territory of Campo Del Sol.


The Republic of Nordale seceded from the United States in June of 2019, but the exact secession date has been lost due to civil strife within the nation which compromised many of its records during its formative days. Following a period of inactivity following what is referred to by the nation as the Emergency Period, it was announced by Premier Sophia Albina that all prior Citizens were to be stripped of citizenship and that the Constitution was temporarily suspended.

On 28 Prarial 228 (16 June 2020), the Directorate announced the passing of the Reinstatement Act of the Constitution of 2020, officially reconstituting the nation and beginning a new era in Nordalian history. On 4 Ventôse 229 (22 February 2021), the Republic of Nordale was annexed into the Commonwealth of New Virginia, divided into several new municipalities within the Commonwealth.

On 15 Thermidor 229 (2 August 2021), following the 29th of July Movement's rebellion within New Virginia, Nordale declared independence, reconstituting itself once more as an independent Republic.

The Republic of Nordale is governed by the Directorate, a body of Ministers appointed by the Premier and led by the Premier, in accordance with the country's Constitution.

MicroCon 2022

Nordale sent a small delegation to attend MicroCon 2022 and bestowed the Order of the Angel upon Grand Duke Travis.

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