Achaean Civil Code

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The Achaean Civil Code was the legal code of the Achaean Territory of Antarctica and the first legal code of Westarctica. According to Article 3, the purpose of the Code was: "to publish and protect the God-given civil rights of every citizen of Achaea."

Origin and abolition

The code was authored by Grand Duke Travis in his capacity as Consul-General of the Achaean Territory, the predecessor state to Westarctica. The code was heavily based on the Napoleonic Code of France, with only minor modifications.

It was decreed on 2 August 2002 and promulgated on the 10th of the same month. The Civil Code was a companion document to the Achaean Royal Charter. Both codes were abolished in June 2004 and replaced by the Grand Ducal Mandate.


  • TITLE I. Of the Enjoyment and Privation of Civil Rights.
    • CHAPTER I. Of the Enjoyment of Civil Rights.
    • CHAPTER II. Of the Privation of Civil Rights.
      • SECTION I. Of the Privation of Civil Rights by the Loss of the Quality of Achaean Citizen.
      • SECTION II. Of the Privation of Civil Rights in consequence of Judicial Proceedings.
  • TITLE II. Of Acts Before the Civil Authorities.
    • CHAPTER I. General Ordinance.
    • CHAPTER II. Of Acts of Birth.
    • CHAPTER III. Of Acts of Marriage.
    • CHAPTER IV. Of Acts of Decease.
    • CHAPTER V. Of Acts of the Civil Power regarding the Military out of the Territory.
    • CHAPTER VI. Of the Amendments of Acts of a Civil Nature.
    • CHAPTER VII. Matters of domicil.
  • TITLE III. Of the position of Consul-General.
    • CHAPTER I. The Consul-General.
    • CHAPTER II. Right of Pardon.
    • CHAPTER III. The Consular-Consort