Consul-General of the Achaean Territory

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Official portrait of the Consul-General of the Achaean Territory

The Consul-General of the Achaean Territory was the title used by Grand Duke Travis during his time as Head of State of the Achaean Territory, the predecessor state to Westarctica.

Origin of title

Travis selected the title Consul-General due to its diplomatic origin and his desire to serves as a representative of the Achaean Territory to the world at large. As the territory had no cohesive government before and during its initial formation, there was no proper authority that could appoint Travis as the Head of Government.

In addition to the diplomatic origin of the title, Travis also was attracted to the name due to its similarity to Napoleon's original title when he became ruler of France: "First Consul of France."


As Consul-General, Travis held unlimited power in the Achaean Territory. He ruled by decree and was permitted to take any action that pleased him. He was the sole author of the Achaean Civil Code and the Achaean Royal Charter. These two documents, which comprised the whole constitution of Achaea, codified the government structure and placed all executive, legislative, and judicial authority in the Consul-General.

Only the Consul-General had the power to create or disestablish noble titles, and he was free to do so at will.

Coronation and style

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From the initial creation of the territory and its government, Travis knew he wanted to follow Napoleon's example by breaking his claimed land into pieces and giving those pieces to friends and family members who would rule over the region as hereditary nobles. However, in order for him to serve as undisputed leader of the government, he would also have to serve as head of the nobility. Therefore, he solved the problem by crowning himself as a noble, yet foregoing an actual title of nobility until a later date.

The Consul-General gave himself the style "His Eminence."

Ascension to Grand Duke

On 10 June 2004, the Consul-General dissolved the government of the Achaean Territory and proclaimed himself Interim Grand Duke, pending the decree of the Grand Ducal Mandate, the new constitution of Westarctica, which gave Travis the title Grand Duke of Westarctica.