Chancellery of the Achaean Territory

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The Chancellery of the Achaean Territory was the official government council of the Achaean Territory of Antarctica, the predecessor state of Westarctica. It should not be confused with the "Chancellery of Calsahara."

The Chancellery was comprised of nobles and headed by an Arch-Chancellor who served as Head of Government while the Consul-General was Head of State. Although several ministries were created, none of the offices were ever actually occupied and the Chancellery remained little more than a conceptual governmental body. The Chancellery was dissolved by the Consul-General on 10 June 2004 in preparation for the transition from Achaea into Westarctica.

Diagram showing the hierarchy and ministries of the Chancellery

Legal authority

The Achaean Civil Code makes only one mention of the Chancellery, giving it the authority to make amendments to the Code.

The Achaean Royal Charter's single mention of the Chancellery is in Article 51: "A prince or princess of the Royal Family of Achaea may not become the sovereign ruler of a foreign state whether by election, succession, or marriage without the consent of the Consul-General and the Chancellery."