Chancellery of Calsahara

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The Supreme Diet, the meeting place of the Chancellery

The Chancellery of Calsahara was the legislative body of the micronation Calsahara before it was conquered by Westarctica.


When Travis McHenry first decided to make Calsahara an independent country, he needed the approval of the actual landowners of the territory. These five people were all relatives of his then-wife, the Marquise of Walgreen. As he would require their approval for any major development on the property, Travis invited them to serve as members of Calsahara's legislative body, the Chancellery.

The five landowners became Chancellors and his wife became the Grand Chancellor. Her primary function was to liaison between the King of Calsahara and the Chancellors.


The Chancellery passed no laws or official edicts, as it had no actual power to do so. They mostly served as a check against the power of the King, which would otherwise be unrestrained.

Their meeting place was the Supreme Diet, located three hours south of Calsahara in Yorba Linda, California.


In 2017, a coalition force organized by Westarctica invaded and conquered Calsahara, turning the entire territory into a colonial possession. Immediately following the invasion, the Chancellery was dissolved and all Chancellors were relieved of their duties.


The original composition of the Chancellery consisted of six individuals, all holding their term for life. Since 2009, two Chancellors have passed away, although one of these deaths occurred after the Chancellery had already been dissolved in 2017.

Name Position Notes
Marquise of Walgreen Grand Chancellor
Deborah Arledge Chancellor
Shelby Nelson Chancellor
Robin Pinkham Chancellor
Vicky Novick Chancellor Deceased
Linda Stine Chancellor Deceased