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In the Spring of 2018, Duke Jordan of the Bear Peninsula, the Minister of Citizenship & Immigration corresponded with Grand Duke Travis regarding the implementation of a system to allow for the each citizen to have a unique identification number, much like a National Identification Number in nations like Nigeria or India's Aadhar code. This code would allow for easier tracking of citizenship numbers and trends, while also providing easier tracking of Westarcticans in certain organizations and events. Grand Duke Travis was enthusiastic about the proposal and stated that he had previously contemplated a similar idea.


The CIN is a relatively simple seven digit code, divided into a three and four digit portion (XXX-XXXX). The first three digits are a year identifier, based on when the individual gained citizenship in Westarctica. The second set of digits are a sequentially assigned number, generally based on the order a person applied for citizenship (though exceptions to this do exist).

A simpler five digit code, divided into a two digit year and three digit sequential segment was briefly considered. This was abandoned in light of it not being able to accommodate the 2016 GISHWHES citizen surge, as well as setting up a need to overhaul the system by 2099. Implementation of a hexadecimal numbering system was offered as a solution, but in the end the current format was adopted, as it allows for up to ten thousand per year, until the year 2999.

Benefits of the program

The Citizen Identification Number has a number of current and potential future benefits. These include:

  • Aids in tracking citizenship trends
  • Allows for ease in sorting personnel and awards in the Westarctica Civilian Corps
  • Can be used to help prevent voter fraud, in future elections
  • Will streamline the process for offering identification cards and passports, in the future