Frontage theory

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Frontage theory is the Brazilian system of distribution sectors of the Antarctic continent according to meridians, specifically: "each South American state with an open meridian to the South Pole would have an Antarctic sector defined by those meridians."

Consequences of theory

Such a system would result in a significant reduction in the sectors of territory which are currently claimed by Chile and Argentina as well as the United Kingdom, and would provide new sectors for Uruguay and Ecuador as well as a well-defined Brazilian sector. It does not make any suggestions for the divisions of other sectors claimed by other nations, and is only meant to apply to the continent of South America.

Acceptance of theory

To date, no other country has decided to adopt frontage theory as a geopolitical system for dividing up the continent, and the Brazilian claim on Antarctica which derives from it is among the weakest of those which now exist. Westarctica does not accept frontage theory as a legitimate method for assigning ownership of Antarctic territory.