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President Kevin Baugh of Molossia at the Molossian Naval Monument

The Molossian Navy is a military force operated by the Republic of Molossia. It has engaged in several conflicts and, although its primary purpose is ceremonial duties and defense of Molossian homeland. The Molossian Naval Academy is one of the oldest and most respected micronational educational institutions and several members of Peerage of Westarctica have graduated from the program as commissioned naval officers.

Creation of the Navy

In the late 90s, Molossia's only military unit was the Molossian Army, which was headed by President Kevin Baugh. The army was almost exclusively a "phantom force" with little ability to engage in actual armed combat. Despite this fact, the International Olympic Committee used the existence of Molossia's army as part of its justification for a threatened lawsuit over Molossia's use of the Olympic rings in the logo of the 2000 Intermicronational Olympics. To preemptively combat this attack, President Baugh simply disbanded the army.

On 4 June 2005, the Molossian Navy was formed and its flagship, the M.S. Wombat, was commissioned. At the same time, the ground combat unit, the Molossian Naval Infantry was created. At this time, the name of the Molossian Military academy was changed to the Molossian Naval Academy.

Naval Academy

Soldiers in the Molossian Naval Infantry

One of the most popular elements of the Molossian Navy is Spyglass Hill, the Molossian Naval Academy. Anyone can enroll in classes and upon completion of the courses, is awarded a certificate of completion. Graduates also become eligible for honorary commissions as officers in the Molossian Navy.

The online courses specialize in matters of naval military science, emphasizing leadership, tactics, and military history. Students engage in a course of study designed to enhance their knowledge of military leadership, and graduate prepared to lead in today's modern naval environment.

Westarctican graduates of the Naval Academy include:

Activities of the Navy

Military Operations

Scientific expeditions

  • Emerald Bay Excursion
  • Lake Tahoe Exploration
  • Donner Lagoon Exploration
  • Washoe Lake Voyage
  • Mountain Lakes Expedition
  • Pacific Ocean Odyssey
President Kevin Baugh onboard the M.S. Wombat, the former flagship of the Molossian Navy

Order of battle

Name Class Crew Armament Notes
M.S. SPINDRIFT Allen Class inflatable boat 2 None Flagship of the Molossian Navy
M.S. WAHOO Hui Class inflatable boat 1 None
M.S. MANATEE Hui Class inflatable boat 1 None
M.S. BANDICOOT Banana Class inflatable boat 1 None
M.S. PLATYPUS Banana Class inflatable boat 1 None
M.S. WOMBAT Navigator Class inflatable boat 4 None Former flagship of the Molossian Navy, retired 7 April 2013

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