Battle of Lake Jean

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Battle of Lake Jean
(part of The Molossia-Mustachistan War)
Date May 27, 2006
Location Protectorate of New Antrim
  • New Antrim Naval victory
  • Mustachistan surrenders to Molossia on 4 June 2006

Flag of Molossia.png Molossia
Flag of New Antrim.gif New Antrim

Flag of Mustachistan.jpg Mustachistan


Flag of New Antrim.gif Grand Admiral Hess

Flag of Mustachistan.jpg Unknown Mustachistani Sailor

1 Canoe-class vessel
1 Kayak-class vessel
2 Kayak-class vessels
Injuries and Casualties
1 injury 0

The Battle of Lake Jean occurred on 27 May 2006 and was the opening battle of Molossia's war with Mustachistan.


The Molossian Naval Infantry was slowed by weather in late May in its advance against Mustachistani forces. However, as events unfolded slowly in the west, the nascent Eastern Front exploded into activity with a battle on Lake Jean, in the Molossian Protectorate of New Antrim. Lake Jean had been the target of Mustachistani forces seeking not only to gain a foothold in New Antrim, but also to divert resources from the developing campaign near the Molossian Home Territories.


Thus, the Molossian Naval Forces of New Antrim (The Atlantic Fleet) set out to repel the Mustachistani threat on Lake Jean. Mustachistani elements had moved to establish themselves on the lake, and Grand Admiral Hess immediately launched his fleet to repel the threat. The Atlantic Fleet consisted of two vessels, the Canoe-class MS-3 Boomer and the Kayak-class MS-4 Old Towne, both vessels in excellent fighting trim and manned by three very able sailors. The Boomer served as the fleet flagship. The Mustachistanis launched two vessels in response, two Kayak-class boats, the Dagger and the Corsica.

The MS-4 Old Towne docked on Middle Island during the Battle of Lake Jean

Shortly after launching, the Boomer, commanded by Grand Admiral Hess, landed on Middle Island in Lake Jean, before the Mustachistanis were even in the water. The Old Towne, the other vessel, commanded by Grand Admiral Hess' brother, harried the Mustachistanis across the lake. Grand Admiral Hess stepped heroically onto Middle Island with the Boomer's XO and proceeded to help the Old Towne make landfall.

Eventually, the Mustachistanis also made it to Middle Island and they were allowed to visit the newly conquered territory as a show of good sportsmanship. With Middle Island secured from the enemy, the Atlantic Fleet decided to take Big Jean Island before the Mustachistanis had a chance.

Grand Admiral Hess set sail in the Old Towne, allowing his XO to command the Boomer with his brother. This proved to be a near-disaster for the Atlantic Fleet. Due to the incompetence of the XO, the Boomer had some trouble getting off the shore of Middle Island. As a result, the two Mustachistani sailors in their vessels caught up to Grand Admiral Hess, alone in the Old Towne, and a heated battle broke out between the three ships. At two against one, they were firing broadsides upon Grand Admiral Hess' vessel, and eventually succeeded in flipping him over with their oars. Grand Admiral Hess' years of naval training and coolness under fire served him well in this catastrophe. In spite of the cold water, he was able to stay above water by grasping onto his overturned kayak and waited in the deep water for the Boomer to come pick him up.

Graphic showing the location of the fighting


The Boomer towed Grand Admiral Hess and his overturned vessel back to Middle Island where the fleet regrouped. Grand Admiral Hess resumed command of the flagship. They immediately set sail from Middle Island, and succeeded in landing on Big Jean Island in short order and ahead of the Mustachistanis.

New Antrim's sovereignty of the two islands established, and control of the lake firmly in their hands, the fleet returned to shore, victorious. A great day for the Molossian Navy and New Antrim, and the first blow struck in the War Against Mustachistan.


Grand Admiral Hess signing the peace treaty with Molossia and Mustachistan following the conclusion of hostilities.

The Battle of Lake Jean was the first victory for Molossian forces in the war against Mustachistan and gave President Baugh confidence that overall victory would be both swift and assured.

Two days after the battle, on 29 March 2006, the Molossian Naval Infantry engaged the Mustachistani Army in the first land battle of the war at Black Lizard Canyon.

Eight years after the heroic victory at Lake Jean, in July 2014, the Grand Admiral returned to Middle Island and made it his private pleasure retreat.