Protectorate of New Antrim

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McHenry Bridge, spanning Fishing Creek

The Protectorate of New Antrim was a small territory that was a protectorate of the Republic of Molossia from 2006 - 2009. It was governed by Grand Duke Travis under the name "Grand Admiral Hess."


On 22 March 2006, two months after his abdication from the throne of Westarctica, Travis was approached by President Baugh of Molossia and asked if he would like to join Molossia as a citizen while turning his private abode into a province of Molossia. To sweeten the deal, President Baugh offered him a position as Grand Admiral of the Molossian Navy, which was intended as a kind of advisory position to the President. In Baugh's own words:

You will carry this title as did Admiral Horthy in post World War I Hungary, a land-locked nation without a Navy. As to official duties, I envision them as what you are already doing, playing the part of advisor and idea-man.

Travis accepted these terms and was subsequently appointed to the post of Governor of New Antrim, a ten-acre Molossian protectorate in northeastern Pennsylvania. This area was roughly equivalent to the central plot of land owned by the McHenry family since the 1700s. To help avoid increased scrutiny from his superiors in the Navy, it was agreed that while in service to Molossia, Travis would utilize his mother's maiden name as his last name and be officially known as "Grand Admiral Hess."

During his time as the leader of New Antrim, "Grand Admiral Hess" participated in the Molossia-Mustachistan War, which lasted from May - June in 2006. The Grand Admiral served with distinction on the Eastern Front by leading the Molossian Navy to victory in the Battle of Lake Jean, a feat for which he was awarded the Mustachistan War Medal. He also successfully mediated the New Antrim Tobacco Crisis in 2007.

In April 2009, after Travis had left the Navy and moved to Southern California to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, President Baugh and the Grand Admiral both agreed that the Protectorate of New Antrim had run its course and outlived its usefulness as a Molossian side-show. The protectorate was quietly retired without fanfare or an official announcement at the end of that month.


New Antrim was divided into two major sections: New Antrim North and New Antrim South. These properties were not continuous and were approximately four miles away from one another. The entirety of New Antrim's territory was owned by the Grand Duke's father, Daniel McHenry


New Antrim North

New Antrim North

New Antrim North is about 3 acres and is the administrative center of New Antrim. There you will find the Governor's Mansion as well as the Shady Hollow Wildlife Refuge. The Governor's Mansion sits atop a hill overlooking the Fishing Creek Valley, a constant reminder of the large breadth of land that was once owned by these august personages.

New Antrim South

New Antrim South is located approximately three miles south of New Antrim North. It is a strip of land about five acres long that sits along "Dunluce Creek". New Antrim South is utilized as tenant housing, with rents being paid directly to the government of New Antrim. There are currently three tenants living in three houses.

Kinbane Bridge

Kinbane Bridge is one of many covered bridges existing in the Fishing Creek Valley. They are a popular tourist attraction, many being well over a hundred years old. Kinbane Bridge is located in New Antrim South and runs across Dunluce Creek. It was built in Dunluce Creek by Grand Admiral Hess' great-great-great grandfather in 1849. It is fifteen feet and three inches wide with a span of 151 feet across Dunluce Creek. It incorporated the Theodore Burr design which has two long high arches anchored on abutments at each end and utilizes a multiple kingpost structure. In the photo the arch can be seen in the middle near the top of the bridge. This type of bridge construction was very common in Pennsylvania. The bridge floor or deck has a unique design consisting of a herringbone planking pattern. It is the only bridge in the county that has this design. Local authorities closed the bridge to vehicular traffic in 1951. However, it is open to pedestrian use, and there are picnic tables on the bridge for the public to use.

Shady Hollow Wildlife Refuge

One acre of land is still heavily forested and is used as a wildlife refuge. This shady valley has a small creek trickling through it. There was some commotion several years ago when a neighboring cattle farmer decided to move his cows through the wildlife refuge while transferring them from the pasture to his farm. The government of New Antrim came to an agreement with the farmer to ensure that no wildlife would be disturbed during the cattle drive.