Mount Atwood

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Mount Atwood (77°16′S 142°17′W) is a 1,180 meter (3,870 ft) high mountain, at the west edge of the Clark Mountains in the Ford Ranges of Marie Byrd Land.

Discovery and name

The mountain was discovered by the United States Antarctic Service in 1940 on aerial flights from the West Base, and named by the USAS for the late president emeritus W.W. Atwood, Sr., of Clark University, noted geologist and geographer, and his son, W.W. Atwood, Jr., who collaborated with his father in glaciological studies.

Peerage title

On 2 November 2022, Willamina Moray was granted the life peerage Viscount Atwood in recognition of his long standing support of Westarctica and his assistance during MicroCon 2022.