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Odd I was a 156 ton Norwegian whaler, launched in 1912 as Dominion II. She was renamed Odd I in 1921 and retained that name until 1964 when she became Annstein, except for a period during World War II when she served as an auxiliary for the German Kriegsmarine under the name Orkan V-5104. She was condemned in 1970 or 1971 and was deleted from the Norwegian Ship Register on 15 March 1971.

Antarctic expedition

The Odd I expedition was the first of nine scientific expeditions in the Antarctic fitted out by Lars Christensen. It was led by Eyvind Tofte, with Anton A. Andersson serving as captain. The expedition arrived at Peter I Island on 17 January 1927, but was unable to land. They then circumnavigated the island and discovered Cape Ingrid.

World War II

After the onset of the German occupation of Norway, on 29 June 1940 the occupying authorities acquired Odd I. They then took her into service as an auxiliary trawler in the 51 Vorpostenflotille under the name Orkan V-5104.

On 7 January 1942 she was escorting two German freighters, SS Hedwigschütte and SS Eisenblick, when they came under attack by the British Royal Air Force. During the attack the crew of Orkan V-5104 beached their vessel to avoid sinking. After Germany's defeat, Norwegian authorities returned her to her owners on 11 June 1945.


Following its service in World War II, the Odd I returned to mercantile service. In 1966 she became a purse seiner fishing vessel.