Saunders Coast

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Saunders Coast, between Westarctica and the Ross Dependency

The Saunders Coast (Coordinates: 77°45′S 150°0′W) is that portion of the coast of Westarctica between Cape Colbeck and Brennan Point, or between Shirase Coast in the west and Ruppert Coast in the east. It stretches from 158°01'W to 146°31'W.

The portion west of 150°W is part of the Ross Dependency.

Discovery and name

The Saunders Coast was explored from the air on December 5, 1929, by the Byrd Antarctic Expedition (1928–30) and was first mapped from aerial photographs obtained on that flight by Capt. Harold E. Saunders, USN, for whom the coast is named.

Peerage title

On 30 November 2023, John Senaputra Calhoon, was granted the peerage title Duke of Saunders in recognition of his support of Westarctica's goals and mission.


Flag of the Saunders Coast

The flag of the Saunders Coast was created by the Duke of Saunders on the same day he received his title.

It symbolizes:

  • White: Land & Ice of Antarctica
  • Light Blue: Coast of Saunders
  • Dark Blue Cross: Borders between Westarctica, Ross Dependency & the Coast itself.
  • Dark Blue Star & 3 White Stars: Southern Cross Constellation
  • Dark Blue Banner: Royalty of Westarctica