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Welcome to my talk page!

Categories: Westarctica vs. Antarctica

Moving forward, I'd like to create separate categories for geographic features inside Westarctica and outside Westarctica. I already went through and changed all the ones I could find that were categorized as "geo of West" and switched them to "geo of Ant".

You're doing great work on getting all those little nitty entries into the Wiki and it's giving me the time to hack out the big ones!


User:Westarctica: I realized after creating a number of articles on geographic features/ places not connected to Westarctica that I had strayed rather far afield with my work, and that several of them could not really be categorized into Geography of Westarctica, meaning maybe they didn't even really belong in the Encyclopedia at all. I didn't leap in to delete them, as I thought the information might still be useful, but I have made a recent effort to limit my geography pieces to places and things that are more directly connected to the Motherland (or is it Fatherland? Was a decision ever made regarding the gender of the country? Please advise!) Baron of Bastanchury (talk) 02:37, 24 April 2018 (UTC)

User:Baron of Bastanchury: Sorry, I just now saw this..

Yes, I agree completely, and I saw the recent delete. As I go through, I'm weeding out links to things that aren't really relevant, but I don't think we need to necessarily delete articles that have already been written. Travis - 3 May 2018

Hobbs Coast2.jpg

Your Lordship,

I was doing some updates and I noticed that the map File:Hobbs Coast2.jpg has an error: "Citizen Island" is actually supposed to be "Cruzen Island."

I reviewed the original map and I can see how the letters are all scrunched together, but on a separate map (the one I put in the Cruzen Island article) it's much clearer. Can you update it when you get a chance? No hurry! ~ User:Westarctica 16 January 2019