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The Achaean Civil Defense Force (ACDF) was the paramilitary force of the Achaean Territory of Antarctica, the predecessor state to Westarctica. Although the military unit was authorized by the Achaean Civil Code, it was never actually formed and was only a phantom army that existed solely on paper.


The Consul-General as Commander-in-Chief of the ACDF

The Achaean Civil Defense Force was envisioned as a one-size-fits all paramilitary force that would carry out police duties, military actions, and close protection of the Consul-General. The soldiers would be expected to take an oath of loyalty to the Achaean Civil Code, not to the Consul-General personally, or even to the Achaean Territory as a whole.

The basic mission of the ACDF as originally envisioned is today carried out by the Westarctican Royal Guards, although their loyalty is expected to be to the Grand Duke of Westarctica as the Achaean Civil Code was made obsolete by the Grand Ducal Mandate.


As a functioning military was not considered a necessary element to the government of the Achaean Territory, development of the Civil Defense Force was not given national priority. No ranks, units, or uniforms were ever created or even designed for the ACDF, with the notable exception of a "coastal defense force" mentioned in the one-page factsheet published by the government.

The Consul-General served as its Commander-in-Chief, although he never had any actual soldiers to command.

Constitutional authorization

The Achaean Civil Code of 2002 only makes one mention of the Civil Defense Force. In Title III, the title dealing with the position of the Consul-General, Chapter I, article 110, section B states:

110. The official position of the Consul-General is: B. Second, as General in Chief of the Achaean Civil Defense Force. This position gives the Consul-General full military control and authority to defend the Achaean Territory when and how he deems necessary according to the oath he has taken.

The Achaean Royal Charter of 2002 also contains only one mention of the Civil Defense Force. In the same manner as the Civil Code, it includes leadership of the Defense Force as a responsibility of the Consul-General.

Book I, Chapter I, Article 21. The Consul-General is head of the Achaean Territory, Chief of State and Commander of Civil Defense Force.

Battle Hymn of the Civil Defense Force

On 26 March 2002, the Consul-General wrote a "Battle Hymn" intended to inspire any future soldiers who might join and fight for the Civil Defense Force. He was inspired by the song "La Resistance (Medley)" from the soundtrack to the film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, and wrote what is essentially a parody song by slightly altering the lyrics to the song's first few verses and main chorus.

The lyrics are:

God has smiled upon you this day

The fate of our new nation in your hands
And we’ll praise the soldiers who fight with all their bravery
Until only the righteous stand
You see the burning flame
It showers you with light
You hear the pounding drums
They beckon you to fight
If you should be killed
And cannot carry on
Though you die
The Defense Force lives on

We can join the fight
We can change the tide
We see our mighty flag
It fills our hearts with pride
And if we should be killed
And cannot carry on
Though we die

The Defense Force lives on