Albanus Glacier

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Map of the Albanus Glacier

Albanus Glacier (85°52′S 149°0′W), also known as Phillips Glacier, is a 25-nautical-mile (46 km; 29 mi) long glacier flowing west along the south side of the Tapley Mountains to enter Scott Glacier just north of Mount Zanuck, in the Queen Maud Mountains in Antarctica.

Discovery and name

The glacier was discovered in December 1934 by the Byrd Antarctic Expedition geological party under Quin Blackburn. Richard E. Byrd named it in honor of Albanus Phillips, Jr., president of Phillips Packing in Cambridge, Maryland, a patron of, and supplier of provisions to, his Antarctic expeditions of 1928–30 and 1933–35.

Peerage title

On 29 January 2024, Baroness Suryavanshi-Vinita Singh of Goodwin was granted the peerage title Duchess of Albanus in recognition of her support of Westarctica. Her title is named in connection with this glacier.