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Her Honor Christine McPhee, the Countess of Lepley formerly known as Christine Wood is a member of Westarctica's Grand Ducal Court, and currently serves as the Chief Justice.


Christine was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and pursued a career in the Scottish legal sector before becoming an artist. She attended North East of Scotland College where she completed her Scottish Higher National Certificate in Computer Arts and Design and Higher National Units in Fine Art and Digital Media. Her artwork primarily consists of drawings and water colors inspired by The North Sea and its wildlife.

In 2016, Christine discovered DDP Yoga, a fitness system developed by professional wrestler (and WWE Hall of Famer) Diamond Dallas Page. Her journey of physical fitness now features on the DDP Yoga website and Diamond Dallas Page was so impressed by her story that she was personally invited by him to attend his annual Transformation Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.

Christine is registered to train as a Level 1 DDP Yoga instructor.

Career with Westarctica

She became a citizen of Westarctica in May 2018, and later joined the Civilian Corps. On the suggestion of Prime Minister Farmer, Christine was invited to join the Constitutional Convention as a delegate representative of the non-noble citizens of the nation. For her contributions to the Convention, she was invested as a Dame in the Order of the Snowflake.

On 18 October 2019, Christine was appointed Chief Justice of the Grand Ducal Court by Royal Decree from Grand Duke Travis. She was the first of three Justices appointed to the Court upon its creation.


On 2 November 2021, Christine was granted the peerage title Countess of Lepley in the 20th Anniversary Honors and Appointments list for her services to Westarctica.

Honors and Awards

Westarctica Civilian Corps Awards and Decorations

Ribbon display showing Christine's Westarctica Civilian Corps awards.

Shown, from left to right, are:

Top row: Order of the Snowflake ribbon, Honored Volunteer ribbon
Second row: Honored Artist ribbon, Civilian Corps Commendation ribbon, Civilian Corps Achievement ribbon
Bottom row: Government Service ribbon, Global Campaign ribbon, Civilian Corps Service ribbon

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