20th Anniversary Honors and Appointments

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RD-2021-004 - 20th Anniversary Honors and Appointments is a Royal Decree listing honors bestowed by Grand Duke Travis to celebrate the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Westarctica's sovereignty. Where possible, the knighthoods will be bestowed in person at Westarctica's 20th Anniversary Celebration in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It is notable for being the first Royal Decree to be longer than one page (it was two pages) and also the first time the Grand Duke had bestowed orders in a list format.

Letters Patent bestowed

Government appointments bestowed

Some of these appointments are pending acceptance by the appointee and will be updated as necessary.

  • Michael Stolarczyk, Count of Discovery Ridge: High Commissioner of Westarctica
  • Michael Hammett, Duke of Tapley: Minister of Colonial Affairs
  • Dr. Cristian Repciuc: Minister of Health
  • Sir Brendan Cook, Baronet of Woodwin: Minister of Citizen Affairs
  • Kristina Sullivan: Minister of Sports
  • David Eckhard: Commissioner of Economic Development
  • Sophie Meis: Fourth Justice of the Grand Ducal Court
  • Shannon Sullivan: Chancellor of the Westarctica Leadership Institute

Knighthoods in the Order of the Orca

Knighthoods in the Order of the Snowflake

Dame Grand Commander

  • Dany-el Baker, Duchess of Hanessian

Knight / Dame Commander

Knight / Dame

Companions in the Noble Order of Westarctica

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