Baron of Hull Bay

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His Lordship
The Baron of Hull Bay
Baronet of Woodwin
Knight Commander of the Snowflake

Prime Minister of Westarctica
In Office 20 February 2023 - Present
Preceded by Duke of the Bear Peninsula
Deputy Prime Minister of Westarctica
In Office 15 March 2021 - 20 February 2023
Preceded by Office Created
Successor James Stoshak
Minister of Citizen Affairs
In Office 2 November 2021 - Present
Preceded by Office Created

His Lordship, the Baron of Hull Bay, Brendan Cook, is a peer in the Peerage of Westarctica. His title is derived from Hull Bay.

Career with Westarctica

The Baron joined Westarctica's peerage as the Baronet of Woodwin on 26 March 2020, but quickly distinguished himself as someone who was eager to participate in Westarctica's government. He requested and was granted a coat of arms from the Baron of Abele immediately after his ennoblement as a baronet.

On 15 March 2021, nearly one year to the day after becoming a Westarctican peer, Cook was appointed to the newly-created post of Deputy Prime Minister of Westarctica. In this capacity, he assisted the Prime Minister of Westarctica with routine duties and helped mediate Westarctica's acquisition of the Kingdom of Kolios as a protectorate.

In November 2021, Cook attended Westarctica's 20th Anniversary Celebration in Charlotte, North Carolina where he was awarded the Order of the Snowflake by Grand Duke Travis in recognition of his services as Deputy Prime Minister. As part of the 20th Anniversary Honors and Appointments, Cook was elevated in title from Baronet of Woodwin to Baron of Hull Bay. At the same time, he was appointed to the post of Minister of Citizen Affairs.

Prime Minister

In late 2022, Cook announced his candidacy for the office of Prime Minister of Westarctica with James Stoshak as his Deputy Prime Minister. They were the only candidates to declare a desire to run and were unanimously elected on 20 February 2023.


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