Principality of Bohemia

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Map showing the three princely regions of Calsahara.

The Principality of Bohemia is one of two principalities in the Colony of Calsahara, the other being the Principality of Rhye.


When Calsahara first proclaimed independence, King Montague wished to imprint the music of the progressive rock group Queen upon the national identity of the new country. To this end, he named several places in the country after Queen songs, including the Calsahara's only river, the Seven Seas of Rhye.

The name Bohemia was borrowed from the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody, which was King Montague's favorite song for many years.


The Principality was created by Royal Decree by King Montague in 2011 following the territorial expansion of Calsahara from a 2.5 acre kingdom to a 120 acre empire. During the expansion, the newly acquired landmass was subdivided into three semi-autonomous areas: the Principality of Bohemia, the Principality of Rhye, and the Kingdom of Travonia.

At the time of their creation, the King of Calsahara held all three titles, and although he originally promised to bestow the princely titles upon his wife, Queen Cathryn, and his son, Crown Prince Nicholas, this transfer did not actual occur during his reign.

Following the Liberation of Calsahara in 2017, this title, along with all other titles in the Nobility of Calsahara, were absorbed into the Crown of Westarctica along with the rest of Calsahara's territory.

Noble title

As part of the 20th Anniversary Honors and Appointments celebrating Westarctica's 20 years of sovereignty, Prince Daniel Nicholas was granted the noble title Prince of Bohemia in addition to the title Duke of Hampton in the Peerage of Westarctica.


Bohemia is approximately 60 acres in size and comprises the northern half of Calsahara from the northern border of the Principality of Rhye to the northern border with the U.S.

The principality is further subdivided into: