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His Lordship
Baron Mitchell
Knight in the Order of the Snowflake

Minister of Immigration
In Office 22 January 2018 - 9 March 2018
Preceded by Count of Mintz
Successor Duke of the Bear Peninsula As Minister of Citizenship & Immigration
Consort None
Born 1970

His Lordship, Baron Mitchell is a member of the Peerage of Westarctica and a noble in the now-defunct Kingdom of Vikesland. During his association with Vikesland, he received the title Baron Stogner, which he still holds, and served as Aide-de-Camp to King Christopher during MicroCon 2015.

He was appointed Vikesland's only Lord of the Admiralty.

Activities with Westarctica

The Baron has been a long time friend of Grand Duke Travis, having worked closely with His Royal Highness as a film producer in Norfolk, Virginia. He served as Westarctica's Minister of Immigration in 2018.

Baron Mitchell has attended numerous events hosted by Westarctica including Westarctica's 15th Anniversary Celebration in 2016 and the Royal Polo Match in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Order of the Budgie

In October 2020, the baron created a personal order called the Order of the Budgie. Its regalia, Olympic-style neck medals and lapel pins featuring images of budgie birds, was sourced from the American Budgerigar Society, of which the baron's mother had been a longstanding member. Upon his mother's passing, Baron Mitchell created the order to honor her memory and thank those who attended her burial service.

Noble title

As part of the 20th Anniversary Honors and Appointments celebrating Westarctica's 20 years of sovereignty, the baron was granted the peerage title Baron Mitchell, so named for Mitchell Peak.

Honors and Awards

  • link={{{2}}} Knight of the Budgie
  • Flag of Westarctica.jpg Knight in the Order of the Snowflake
  • link={{{2}}} Knight in the Order of the Lion Rampant (defunct)
  • link={{{2}}} Lord of the Admiralty (defunct)
  • link={{{2}}} Baron Stogner

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