Countess of Carter

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Her Ladyship
The Countess of Carter
Dame of the Snowflake
Companion of Westarctica

Countess of Carter
Title held 20 April 2020 - Present
Preceded by Title Established
Minister of Communications
In Office June 2018 - Present
Preceded by Eric J. Karwell

Her Ladyship, Danni Michele, the Countess of Carter is a citizen of Westarctica and has served with the government of Westarctica since 2018.

Early career with Westarctica

The Countess first became a citizen of Westarctica in 2016 as part of the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt. This event saw such a huge influx of citizens, that it eventually became a national holiday known as Citizen's Day.

In 2018, she was appointed to head the Ministry of Communications with the title Director of Communications with a seat on the Royal Council. Her primary responsibility was managing Westarctica's official Twitter account. Her portfolio later expanded to include admin duties with Westarctica's Facebook account and Citizen's Group. After six months holding the director position, she was promoted to Minister of Communications.

Candidate for Prime Minister

The Countess was a candidate for office in the 2019 Prime Minister election, where she achieved 31% of the popular vote, coming in a very close second place behind the winner, Jordan Farmer.

Peerage title

On 20 April 2020, Danni Michele was granted the peerage title Countess of Carter in recognition of her years of service as a government minister. At the same time, she was also made a Dame in the Order of the Snowflake. Her peerage title is named for Carter Island on the Martin Peninsula.