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Logo of the Westarctica Civilian Corps

The Westarctica Civilian Corps is an organization comprised of citizens of Westarctica who are admitted to the Corps regardless of noble status, knighthoods, or other rank. The only consideration is dedication to the nation and a sincere desire to better Westarctica and themselves.

It is headed by the current Commissioner of the Corps, Jordan Farmer.

Impetus for creation

Example of welcome packs created for the first group of Westarctica Civilian Corps members.

The Westarctica Civilian Corps was the brainchild of Duke Jordan of the Bear Peninsula. In his capacity as Minister of Citizenship & Immigration, the Duke was contemplating ways to better engage new citizens while giving them opportunities to take actions that would benefit Westarctica and further advance the national mission of preserving and conserving the environment.

As Westarctica already had a long tradition of recognizing supporters with noble titles and knighthoods, Duke Jordan desired an organization where each individual could gain recognition based on concrete actions, without ranks or classes. At the same time, Grand Duke Travis had been debating new ways to reward common citizens for their actions beyond giving knighthoods and titles. The two ideas merged together to become the Westarctica Civilian Corps.

Activities of the Corps

Members can be rewarded for successful completion of over 20 different approved activities. All awards are given in recognition for activities that citizens can engage in, regardless of Corps membership status. Each activity has an associated award ribbon, and some of them have multiple levels (denoted with an attached device). Members are also encouraged to try to earn as many as they are able to (similar to Scouting Merit Badges). These awards can only be earned / worn by members of the Citizen Corps.

List of approved activities / ribbons

Activity Ribbon(s) Eligibility
Balleny Islands Expeditionary ribbon BallenyExpeditionRibbon.jpg Visit the Westarctican Colony of Balleny Islands.
Calsahara Expeditionary ribbon Civ-Cor-Calsahara.png Visit the Westarctican Colony of Calsahara.
Civilian Corps Achievement ribbon Civ-Cor-Achievement.png
CC Achievement ribbon bronze star.png
Achievement Ribbon Silver.png
Outstanding achievement or meritorious service not of a nature that would otherwise warrant awarding the Civilian Corps Commendation Ribbon. Subsequent awards are worn as 3/16 inch star devices: bronze for the second, silver for the third, gold for the fourth.
Civilian Corps Commendation ribbon Civ-Corps-Commendation.png
CC Commendation ribbon bronze disc.png
Sustained acts of meritorious service. Subsequent awards are worn as Antarctica disk devices: bronze for the second, silver for the third, gold for the fourth.
Civilian Corps Service ribbon Civ-Cor-Service.png Approved for wear by all members of the Westarctica Civilian Corps.
Community Outreach ribbon Civ-Cor-Human.png Make a significant and sustained volunteer contribution in their home nation or local community.
Global Campaign Service ribbon Civ-Cor-Global.png Participate in one of the regular Westarctican global activism campaigns, beginning 1 May 2018. Subsequent campaign participation is recognized with 3/16 inch star devices: bronze for the fifth (5th), silver for the fifteenth (15th), gold for the thirtieth (30th).
Government Service ribbon GovernmentServiceRibbon.png Serve in the Westarctican government for a period of 12 months
Iceberg Award ribbon Civ-Cor-Ice.png Participate in an annual Citizen's Day (2 August) Iceberg Challenge.
Long Service ribbon Civ-Cor-Long.png Members who have reached the ten (10) year anniversary of their Citizenship.
Nobles ribbon Civ-Cor-Nobility.png Eligible for wear by all members of the Civilian Corps who are also members of the Peerage of Westarctica.
Recruiting ribbon Civ-Cor-Recruit.png
Recruiting ribbon bronze device.png
Silver Recruiting.png
Members who have referred five (5) people who have been accepted as citizens, and joined the Citizens of Westarctica Facebook Group. Subsequent recruitment is recognized with knot devices: bronze for the fifteenth (15th), silver for the thirtieth (30th), gold for the fiftieth (50th).
Westarctica Expeditionary ribbon Civ-cor-westarctica.png Visit the physical territory of Westarctica.

Civilian Corps Commendation Recipients

Civilian Corps Achievement Recipients

  • John Chambers: Awarded for winning the recruiting drive competition held in May and June of 2018. (2 July 2018)
  • Christian Seitz: Awarded for translating the Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Westarctica into German, for fellow Westarcticans to enjoy. (15 July 2018)
  • Ariella Warner: Awarded for hosting the Washington, D.C. area Icebreaker event in March 2019. (8 April 2019)
  • August Grappin: Awarded for hosting the Nashville area Icebreaker event in July 2019. (29 July 2019)
  • Travis McHenry, Dinny Pulipati, and C Jordan Farmer: Awarded for serving as members of the Westarctican delegation to MicroCon 2019. (6 August 2019)
  • Mary Jordan, Sheri Sanders, Shannon Sullivan, Melanie Wolgamott (team members), Christine McPhee, and C Jordan Farmer (organizers): For involvement with Team Westarctica during GISH 2019. (7 August 2019)
  • Travis McHenry, Kristina Sullivan, Danni Michele, David Chase Callahan, August Grappin, Brenden Cook, and C Jordan Farmer: For serving in the Second Constitutional Convention. (15 February 2021)

Honored Westarctican Awards

Main article: Honored Westarctican Awards

As part of the Corps' goal of recognizing citizens for exceptional acts that may not merit a knighthood, the Honored Westarctican Awards were created. These awards can be issued to any Westarctican, even citizens who are not members of the Corps. Currently, only members of the Civilian Corps are awarded the corresponding ribbon.

List of Honored Westarctican Awards

Distinction Ribbon Eligibility
Honored Artist ribbon Civ-Cor-Artist.png Significant achievement of an artistic nature.
Honored Citizen ribbon Civ-Cor-HonCitizen.png Perform an act, accomplishment, or service that reflects positively upon them and Westarctica.
Honored Conservationist ribbon HonoredConservationistRibbon.png Significant achievement in the field of conservation.
Honored Diplomat ribbon Civ-cor-hondiplomat.png Significant service of a diplomatic nature.
Honored Innovator ribbon Civ-Cor-HonInno.png Significant achievement of a non-artistic, but still innovative or scientific in nature.
Honored Servant ribbon Civ-Cor-HonService.png Service in an appointed position that is not diplomatic, in nature.
Honored Volunteer ribbon Civ-Cor-HonVol.png Significant and sustained service to the government and/or people of Westarctica that would not make them eligible for either the Servant or Diplomat Ribbons.

Approved Ribbons for Westarctican Orders

The Civilian Corps currently has six approved ribbons that recognize non-Corps achievements. All of these are currently in recognition of Westarctican Knighthoods.

List of Non-Corps Ribbons

Order Ribbon(s) Eligibility
Order of the Orca ribbon Orca ribbon star.png Approved for wear by members of the Illustrious Antarctic Order of the Orca. As the order only has one level of distinction, all members have an affixed silver polar star device.
Order of the Snowflake ribbon Snowflake-Ribbon.png
Snowflake ribbon bronze disk.png
02.2 OSnow - KGC.png
Snowflake ribbon gold disk.png
Approved for wear by members of the Order of the Snowflake. A blank ribbon is worn by those holding the rank of Knight/Dame. Knights/Dames Commander are denoted by an attached bronze Antarctica device. Knights/Dames Grand Commander are denoted by an attached silver Antarctica device. Knights/Dames Grand Cross are denoted by an attached gold Antarctica device.
Order of the Desert Heart ribbon DesertHeartRibbon.png
Approved for wear by members of the Order of the Desert Heart. A blank ribbon is worn by those holding the rank of Knight/Dame. Knights/Dames Commander are denoted by an attached silver and turquoise heart device.
Order of Westarctica ribbon WestarcticaCompanionRibbon.jpg
Approved for wear by members of the Noble Order of Westarctica. Members at the rank of Companion may wear a blank ribbon of the order. Those members at the rank of Knight/Dame have an affixed gold crown device.
Order of the Sword ribbon OrderSwordRibbon.jpg
Approved for wear by members of the Noble Order of the Sword. A blank ribbon is worn by those holding the rank of Knight/Dame. Knights/Dames Commander are denoted by an attached bronze crossed swords device.
Legion of Peace ribbon LegionPeaceRibbon.png Approved for wear by members of the Legion of Peace. As the order only has one level of distinction, all members have an affixed silver peace sign device.

Display of the Ribbons

While there is not a specific right or wrong way to wear the ribbons of the Corps, there are recommended guidelines. These include an order of precedence for display, usually on a military-style ribbon rack. This is done three to a row, for four ribbons up to fifteen. from sixteen ribbons on, it is recommended to wear them four to a row.

The order of precedence, for wear of the ribbons, is as follows:

  • Orders of Westarctica
    • Order of the Orca ribbon
    • Order of the Snowflake ribbon
    • Order of the Desert Heart ribbon
    • Order of Westarctica ribbon
    • Order of the Sword ribbon
    • Legion of Peace ribbon
  • Honored Westarctican Awards
    • Honored Servant ribbon
    • Honored Diplomat ribbon
    • Honored Volunteer ribbon
    • Honored Conservationist ribbon
    • Honored Innovator ribbon
    • Honored Artist ribbon
    • Honored Citizen ribbon
  • Civilian Corps Awards
    • Civilian Corps Commendation ribbon
    • Civilian Corps Achievement ribbon
    • Recruiting ribbon
    • Iceberg Award ribbon
    • Westarctica Expeditionary ribbon
    • Balleny Islands Expeditionary ribbon
    • Calsahara Expeditionary ribbon
    • Government Service ribbon
    • Global Campaign Service ribbon
    • Long Service ribbon
    • Civilian Corps Service ribbon
    • Community Outreach ribbon
    • Nobles ribbon

Milestone Gifts

In 2019, the Corps announced the Milestone Gift initiative. This program gives Corps members special gifts for each fifth Civilian Corps ribbon earned. For the purpose of this program, ribbons for Orders do not count towards this total, while individual levels of ribbons that have them each count as a unique ribbon. Under these guidelines, the highest number of ribbons a Corps member can acquire would be 32.

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